Beef Soup

Take a very large pot and brown stewing beef or beef chunks.  Add onions at this point and let them start to sweat.

Add approximately 16 cups of water (in my pan that fills it ¾ of the pan).  You really don’t need to measure, just make it approximate.  Add about 1 cup of soy sauce.  Add your cut up vegetables: celery, carrots, potatoes and whatever else you want.

To make this recipe even faster, less than 10 minutes or about the time that it takes to heat the water, use canned meat and canned vegetables and dried onions.  Flavor your soup with garlic granules and black pepper.  I also like to add a touch of cayenne pepper.  You can also put in a touch of sage or Italian seasoning.

It is all about the taste, just experiment with the flavors you like.  If there is too much soy sauce, add a little water.  Not flavorful enough?  Add more soy sauce.  If you have any leftover rice, add it to the soup.  No bouillon cubes here!

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