Ready or Not #265: You Can Only Be Generous If You Have Something To Be Generous With

On the news tonight, the reporter talked about a local radio station and the local food bank coming together for a food drive.  They were asking for people to donate food to feed local families that didn’t have enough to eat.  The food banks shelves were bare and so they were asking people to donate a mile of food to restock their pantry.

The part of the story that made me choke up a bit was when they talked about two homeless men that were walking by and saw the signs advertising the food drive.  They both stopped and one of the men started fishing around in his bag and pulled out a can of tuna and then placed it as the first item in what later became about of mile worth of food all lined up on the street heading for the capital.

This man, who I’m sure knows something about hunger, was concerned about others not going hungry and so he generously shared the little bit that he had – possibly all that he had.

So many things can happen that can shake your world and put you in a situation where you may fall on hard times or lose your income earning ability.  So, put away for a rainy day.  Get out of debt, put some money aside, and for goodness sake, work on building your food storage.

I can’t imagine not having enough food storage to see me and my family through a disaster, or at least lift the burden a bit – and maybe even be able to share with a stranger.  I remember reading this incredible book about a brave young family living in a foreign country that was caught up in a war.  They were very prominent business leaders in the area and they owned a very large farm.  When the war broke out, their house was taken over by the invading military and it was converted into a military outpost.  Unbeknownst to the military men that overtook the compound, they locked the family into one of the rooms that had access to a cellar full of food.  Because the cellar was added on to the house after it was built, the family was able to hide the fact that they even had a cellar or extra food.  The hidden food was the only reason they survived.

Before the war had broken out and while the food was still abundantly available, the mother had decided to store the extra food because she felt very strongly that if a drought or hard times came that she needed to be able to feed her family.  The mother didn’t know that war was going to start. She didn’t know if the crops they grew would fail and she certainly couldn’t predict if they would lose everything to some unknown disaster.  But she did know that whatever happened, it was her responsibility to prepare ahead of time – while she could.

There are times and situations that we might find ourselves in that require us to ask for a little help. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if  instead we had prepared enough ahead of time?  The best thing that we can do is to start.  Now.  Even if you don’t have any food storage (maybe you are newlyweds or the concept of food storage is new), it is never too late to start.  First, you can work on a week’s worth of extra food and then aim to build three months’ worth of food storage.  Then you can move on to six months and finally shoot for a year or longer.  If you keep at it, it will happen.

You eat the food storage one bite at a time, but you can build it one can or case at a time.  All it takes is determination and focus.   So focus and maybe you can be generous someday.

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