Ready or Not #38: Step 2 Writing Down Your Recipes

If you have been working hard on writing down your personalized family menus, it has probably been a real eye opener.  Has your family been eating enough fruits and vegetables or do they need to step it up?  Are you including enough complex carbohydrates, legumes and other healthy food items?  If not, now is the time to review your dietary wants and needs.  Now, on to step two of our “making our life easier and building our food storage while we’re at it” by writing down our recipes.

Look your menus over and find all of your repeat recipes and add up how many times you intend to eat them over the next month or two.  A good example of that would be breakfast.  How many times do you eat eggs, toast and juice or oatmeal, toast and milk?  How about cold cereal or French toast?  You will need that information for step three.

Whatever you have written down, you will need to type it up as a recipe.  If you have four people in your family and they each eat two cups of cereal with one cup (which is 8oz.) of milk on their cereal, a glass of milk (which is about 2 cups) and two pieces of buttered toast with strawberry jam, then you need to write it down like this (click on image to view a larger image):

Each time you type up each menu/recipe for breakfast, lunch and dinner, make sure that you save it on your computer because you will need a computer version so that you can copy and paste it for the Step Three – Adding up ingredients.  (You will need the Microsoft Excel program.)

I would also suggest that you print out each recipe so that you can start your own personalized cookbook and you won’t have to search for your recipes in several different cookbooks or turn the computer on each time you want to make a recipe that you haven’t memorized.  You should already have a loose-leaf ready for all of your recipes with your extra menus in the front pouch. This way you can keep everything together in one place and you can hand down your family recipes to your kids when they move out and start their own families.  Make sure you make a Table of Contents so that you can find your recipe quickly.

Now remember, we are making an everyday food eating, rotating food storage plan for YOUR family.  This is not a one-fits-all menu plan.  It is a specialized plan that you are putting together to help your family eat like they want to eat while building and rotating your food storage – and when you finish, you will know EXACTLY what you need to buy to be prepared.  When you have completed all of the calculations and you finish the last step you will find that this will also help your families food budget go down, you will be more on top of your family’s nutritional intake and you will not be burdened by having to waste time thinking about what you are going to fix or if you have the ingredients.

Remember that just because you set this plan up and have set menus, it doesn’t mean that you can’t throw in something extra or different every now and then and order pizza or eat out every once-in-awhile. This plan is to help you be better prepared, to get to know what your family really eats so that if you ever have to live exclusively from your food storage you will be confident and not be afraid of existing on just wheat and powdered milk!

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