Ready or Not #195: Wrapping Christmas and 3D Cookies for Santa

Being Prepared –for Christmas

I had a mini-flood in my basement the other day.  The discharge hose on my water softener came out of the drain and the water spilled out onto the laundry room floor.  There wasn’t any real damage except the bulk tissue paper I use to wrap presents and the couple of dozen or more shirt boxes that I have been re-using year after year to box up Christmas presents got soaking wet.

My heart sank.  How was I going to wrap all of the gifts that we had made so that they couldn’t be handled and the gift easily guessed?  Several years back I was at a large retail store and they had given me several collapsible shirt boxes of each size – they had just given them to me.  Now they want to charge you for each and every EMPTY box – and I was not going to pay for a fancy empty box.

My husband came up with the brilliant idea of going to the grocery store and buying enough cereal boxes of the size I needed in order to wrap my gifts.  Duh, talk about thinking outside the box! (heh, heh)  Not only would I get a very sturdy box, but also the bonus of a confused gift receiver (“Why are you giving me cereal for a Christmas present?”), and my husband would also get to eat his favorite cold cereal. (I think that was his real motive – he likes cold cereal, but I don’t buy it very often.)  This was a win-win situation.

From now on when it is getting close to Christmas, I will start buying boxed cereal.  My husband will be happy eating his cereal and I will have an easier, stress-free Christmas while wrapping gifts.

Neighbors That Give Food Storage for Christmas
My neighbors gave my family the cutest and most appreciated gift.  It was a flat of very large eggs with the cutest saying, “Merry Christmas, The holiday season can be rather SCRAMBLED so here is EGGACTLY what you need to help it go OVER EASY.” What a wonderful gift!  I told you that food storage could be a fun gift!  It made me smile.

Another cute inexpensive last minute gift that you could give your neighbors, which could be made completely from your food storage, is a “Mrs. Santa’s Goody Handbag” (My husband thinks that, “Mrs. Santa’s Handbag of Goodies” sounds better).  Pop some popcorn, drizzle it with butter, and then sprinkle cinnamon and sugar over it. Fill a one-gallon zip-lock type bag. (You can also add some candies or homemade cookies for color to the bag.)  After the bag is filled with the popcorn and whatever else you choose, take a piece of ribbon and staple it onto both ends of the top of the bag to create a handbag strap.  Decorate a cute little handbag cutout that your kids have decorated or colored and wish your neighbors a very Merry Christmas, then staple it to the top of the bag.

The strap can also be handy when delivering; if nobody is home you can use the strap to hang onto their door handle.

Santa Likes Eating Food Storage
An important tradition around our house is to leave Santa delectable treats so that he will have the energy to continue his journey – and so that he won’t forget us!

This year we are going to leave Santa 3D Snowman cookies.  These are fun and easy to make for any age and you should have all of these items in your food storage. (Seriously, it is important to keep these items handy for emergency S’more attacks and marshmallow roasts.) As you can see, it is all pretty self explanatory and, just like gingerbread houses, it is being held together with frosting.

This is a good project to keep the little ones busy getting ready for Santa, but they don’t have to be patient for ANYTHING to cool down before touching.  Another win-win.

My suggestion is to make one for each person in the house and a couple of extra for Santa, or Santa might just end up with regular, ordinary (albeit delicious) Christmas cookies.

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