Ready or Not #187: Where To Find Worksheets

The other day, I went looking on this website for one of my worksheets and I really had to look for it – and I knew what I was looking for! That is just very wrong. I made those worksheets to help you and your family (and me!) get better prepared, but if you don’t know where to find them, or you don’t know that they even exist and are there to make your life easier, what good is it having them?

Problem? No – a solution! I went to Nina, our very own personal technology goddess, and explained the problem and asked if she could fix it – and of course she did, just like that. She rearranged the tabs along the top of the page to make it easier to find what you are looking for and then she added a new tab called “Worksheets”.

Now anytime you want access to any worksheet, or a set of special instructions, you can go directly to the worksheet tab and find them all in one neat list. Another really neat thing that Nina did for all of us was to create a link for each worksheet back to the original article. I was really glad that she did that because each worksheet, and the reasoning and the importance behind it, is explained in the article.

I also want to explain about the Excel spreadsheets to people, who may not be Excel savvy, what I have done. Whenever you download a spreadsheet that looks like it has already been filled in, it hasn’t. Make sure that you enlarge the spreadsheet and you will notice that at the bottom there are one or two tabs. A good example of this is the Family Inventory Worksheet.

If you will look at the Family Inventory Worksheet, the first thing that you will see is a ring and small figurine and their information. This page is an example page of how you can use the worksheet to gather your household information together to become better prepared. If you will notice at the bottom of the page, the second tab over is the actual worksheet that you can use.

Another example is the article about the Medicine worksheet and the Emergency Contact List worksheet. It explains why these two worksheets are so important and there are two examples to show you what they can look like after you fill them out. If you click on the example worksheet it will get bigger and you can read the entries. However, you will not be able to fill this one out. Instead you will need to go the words that are highlighted in blue, and they will link you to the actual working worksheet – OR, now you can just go to the new worksheet tab and find them even faster.

Even though I am the person writing the articles and creating the worksheets, I use this website and the worksheets right along with you. Whenever I create a worksheet or write an article, it is because I have needed to use the same information at some point in time (most likely before I wrote about it or created it) and I am trying to make getting prepared and being prepared easier for you. And when I need to update my own information again, I want to be able to find the worksheet in the easiest and most efficient way possible. Clicking on the tab “Worksheet” and finding the worksheet I need quickly, just gives me more time to make sure that I have all of my water stored. Do you?

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