Ready or Not #212: What a Way to Start Your Food Storage

I once came across a website that was anti-food storage.  I was curious as to why somebody wouldn’t want to store extra food and so I decided read some of their comments.  Some of their complaints were valid: food that had been stored improperly and was rotted or spoiled, too much of only one type of food (mostly wheat), and then there was the proliferation of insect and rodents in the stored food.  There were also complaints about the concept of storing food because the practice was generally associated with a certain religion.

The last reason is one that will have to be dealt with on an individual level, but it is sad that someone wouldn’t want to prepare themselves for the future based on biases.  Good council is good council, no matter where it comes from.

The other reasons were valid reasons.  Some of the examples they cited just boggled my mind and I kept thinking that this isn’t what good food storage is about.  One example really stuck out in my head.  When their parents passed away the kids went in to clean out the house and get it ready to sell.  Much to their surprise the entire attic was filled several feet deep with wheat.  They ended up having to shovel all of the wheat out of the attic (which was very difficult) and they were mortified with what they found.  The wheat was totally unusable because of mold and it also had several rotted and dried corpses of mice and a lot of insects.  That is definitely food storage gone bad!

If that were the only association with food storage that I had ever had, then I would be turned off too!

But that isn’t what food storage is really all about, is it?  Food storage, if done correctly, should be food that is stored properly, accessible so that it can be easily rotated and is still palatable when you eat it, and you should know how much to store of each item so that you have a nutritiously balanced diet – during good times and not so good times.  You can always figure out how much would be appropriate to store for your family by using our Food Storage Worksheets.

Whether you are just starting your food storage, building your food storage, or if you are already in the maintenance mode, keep in mind the purpose of having a complete food storage and then plan accordingly.  Food storage should be a way to gain piece of mind, not cultivate frantic disgust.

Now for some comic relief take a moment and watch this video to see this woman’s very humorous, unexpected start to her food storage.  Very funny!


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