Ready or Not #165: Towel Sanitary Kit

Christmas is going to be tight for a lot of families this year and so buying those sometimes expensive, but really cool, preparedness gifts might be out of the question. Of course I would never point out a problem unless I had a solution, and it is fun to give, easy to make, and inexpensive solution to boot!

Make a Towel Emergency/Camping Sanitation Kit. All you need is a towel, some rope and either a sewing machine or a needle, thread and a little patience. The first thing that you do is 1) Fold a towel in thirds. 2) The top third, do nothing with. 3) Just before the second third, sew a small strip to thread a rope through. 4) On the bottom third, fold it up, stitch the sides and then stitch pockets – any size you want to fit any article you want. Fill the pockets with soap, toothbrushes, etc, and then roll it up and you are ready to go. That is it! Instant Christmas present, instant Emergency/Camping Kit and it cost very little money to make. For a pattern, go to towel sanitation kit plans.

You can adapt this kit to do and be just about anything: Use it for a baby changing staging area by filling the pockets with diapers, baby powder wipes and other necessary items. You will have everything at your disposal AND a clean place to lay your baby – even outdoors.

Scouts, assuming that they want to brush their teeth and be concerned about other sanitary niceties, would find these very handy.

It is also good for teenage girls that might have to travel to competitions and have to fight for mirror and counter space. They would have all of their makeup, brushes and other doo-dads at their disposal and they wouldn’t have to worry about items falling off of the counter or getting lost because they are securely tied around their waist.

If you don’t have the money to buy new towels, then have the kids pick out their favorite one from your everyday towels and then all you need to do is buy some rope. This is also a good project to teach the kids how to use a sewing machine or to practice your hand stitching skills. With Christmas gifts like this, who would want to go back to the expensive stuff?

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