Ready or Not # 287: Thinking Ourside of the Box — or Plastic Jug

A friend sent an email to me the other day that had a bunch of nifty ideas – “thinking outside of the box” ideas.  We always joke about how young children like playing with the box more than the toy that came in the box.  I think that the reason this happens is because small children don’t have preconceived ideas about what boxes are used for.  To them a box is full of endless possibilities, not just a device to store things.

But to us a box is merely a storage container.  We can be so boring.

I don’t know where the email with all of the nifty ideas came from, but I have seen this type of email before where the person showed incredible imagination and shared it with the rest of us.  I’m going to share with you.

pic1This is a good idea, but I’m thinking that it would have to be the paste type of toothpaste and not the gel.  The paste would act like a fine buffing medium (like it does on our teeth!)

pic2This is probably my favorite one because it involves toilet paper – after the fact.  I have used toilet paper rolls to wrap small gifts in, but this is even better because it will keep my wrapping paper nice.  You could also put one on each end so that the corners don’t get bent.  Brilliant!

pic3I like this idea because I keep my nails short because they just get in the way.  In the past I have used paperclips to help separate the ring, but I think that this would be more effective.

pic4I really like this idea too.  It would be fun to help your kids make their own little scoop and then you could send them out to the dirt or sand pile to play.  It is inexpensive and easy to replace when they either loose them or break them.

I’ll just let the rest of the pictures speak for themselves.  Maybe these ideas will help you to start thinking outside of the box – or the plastic jug – whichever it may be.