Ready Or Not #242:Things Happen in Groups of Three

Don’t you hate that things happen in groups of three!  One is a good number, but things never happen in just ones.  Darn it!

Now that I am back in college (on-line) and since I continue to write articles for the website, I really, really, need a computer.  You know it’s coming… I got the blue screen of death – twice!  Fortunately the computer is still under warranty, by one month, and so I am sending it off to have the hard drive changed out.  Two weeks out of service.  Not acceptable.

Number two – my faithful dishwasher that has been with me for all of my canning, bottling and everyday life, died on me after seventeen+ years of service.  (That wasn’t a small earthquake in Salem the other day; it was me having a melt-down)

Not having a computer to do my school work or write on is one thing, but having to take the time to fix all of our meals from scratch, then having to hand wash all of our mess AND then take on my nightly studies?  I’m getting too old for this!

But then…

I came home after a long day at work and my son tried to break it to me in the gentlest way that #3 had hit – my stove had gone out.  This had all happened within three days!   Are you kidding?  How am I going to cook the meals that I have to wash the dishes for, so that I can get to my homework?  I mean really!  I did the only thing that a really tired, half-insane, person would do – I started laughing, hysterically.  I didn’t see the sense in crying (I would only have to repair my makeup if I did that) and so I just kept laughing.

Fortunately we decided to check the electric breakers and the stoves breaker had accidently been turned off.  The stove and my sanity was saved.  I ordered a new dishwasher (it is coming next week) and my mom graciously offered to let me use her computer until mine was repaired.

I’m still tired and half insane, but life is going to go on.

How does this have anything to do with being prepared?  Everything.  If I had been truly prepared I would have had enough money set aside to purchase a new dishwasher.  I knew that it was getting old and that I should start setting funds aside to replace it, but…  Now I have to make payments.

How was I prepared?  Plenty.  Even though I try to exclusively use the dishwasher (I really don’t like hand washing dishes and I will do all that I can to avoid it), I keep a well-stocked supply of dish soap, dish rags and drying towels.  And I laugh (sometimes hysterically) as I hand wash all my dishes.

The second area that I was prepared in was by having a really good pool of resources.  My mother was the first person that I called about my pitiful situation and so she was the first one to offer her help and the use of her computer.  I know that there are many others out there that would have been just as generous with their time and resources.

The last way that I was prepared was my frame of mind.  I was half insane; just kidding! Sort of.   Actually I have had enough ‘growing opportunities’ that bumps in the road are just part of my everyday life.  I don’t fall apart as quickly as I have done in the past and I am able to keep things in perspective.

There were no medical catastrophes, we didn’t have to leave our house and everyone was safe.  Instead of losing it completely, I just laughed hysterically.  And when I get over that, I then set about putting things back to normal.  (Have you ever noticed how the word, “normal” can be very subjective?) And if the stove hadn’t been such an easy fix, my first thought was, “At least I still have my microwave – and my mother’s kitchen.”

Just about anything and everything can seem like an emergency and so you must be “emergency prepared” in more ways than just having a 72-hr. emergency kit.  I’m working on the setting aside money for emergency situations, not only for when I lose a dishwasher in a time when time is so valuable, but also for times when there is a medical emergency, transportation emergency, or have-to-leave-the-area-in-a-short-amount-of-time emergency.

It is always good to be prepared when those things happen in groups of three.  And don’t forget to store your water – for an emergency.

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