Ready or Not #233: Thanksgiving Already

Thanksgiving is the best holiday ever.  I love having an excuse to have all of the family over and all of the hullabaloo that goes along with it.  Eating is involved, naps are required and we are reminded of all the things we have to be grateful and thankful for.

Thanksgiving is also a time of cooking family favorite recipes and choosing from a variety of delectable deserts, usually scrumptious pies.

To give you some ideas for easy to make goodies, check out some of my past articles where I share with you easy to make pie recipes and useful ideas to get the most out of your turkey.

Check out the following articles and then go make something fun and easy to eat.

#33: Boiling Turkey Bones

#83: Lemon Meringue and Pecan Pies

#84: Apple and Ice Cream Pies

#85: Pumpkin Pie

#72: Rice Pudding

#12: The Provident Storer (this has an incredibly good pudding recipe in the article toward the end)

#31: Freezing Cream and Making Sweetened Condensed Milk

#21: Turkey Bones and Coconut Bread

I hope that you and your family have a wonderful time cooking and eating together this Thanksgiving.

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