Ready or Not #228: Store Food So You Don’t Have to Stand in Line

I want people to stand in line for food storage.

Wait.  Let me back up and give you a little perspective.

I was reading about a new electronics store opening halfway across the world and the eager customers in the area had been standing in line for hours and hours and hours in anticipation of the newest gadget.  Chances are those who were standing in line probably already had a great gadget in their pocket that was only a half a gig less than what they were looking to buy.

I just don’t understand this standing in line thing.  You can buy most anything on line and have it delivered while you are at home surrounded in comfort and out of the elements.  But that’s just me – I don’t “get it”, and no, I’m not very exciting.

I’m not against electronic gadgets – I think they are great. (I’m using one to write this article.) But I just wish that people would get as excited about buying food storage and getting prepared as they do about things that plug in or stuff that is heavily marketed to entertain us (of which the word “entertain” can be somewhat questionable).

Fortunately in our part of the world when we shop for food the lines we stand in are relatively short, even after work when everybody decides to pick something up on the way home.  But wouldn’t it be great if people got so excited about buying food that they stood in line and camped out for days just to get food?

Well, actually no, it wouldn’t be great.  I think the historians called that the “soup kitchen” lines.  We’ve also heard about the food lines under the old Russian communistic regime and the lines for basic sustenance in Europe during WWII.  What horror. We don’t ever want to go there – again.

If you want to stand in line for the opening night of a movie, sporting events, a concert, an electronic gadget, or other superfluous “stuff” (su-per-flu-ous [soo-pur-floo-uhs], adjective – 1. being more than is sufficient or required; excessive. 2. unnecessary or needless. 3. Obsolete, possessing or spending more than enough or necessary; extravagant.)  for hours on end, go ahead and have at it.  But while you are waiting for hours on end, take the time to review your priorities making sure that you already have a complete food storage and are truly prepared at home.

…Because I would hate to see you standing in line for food.

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