Ready or Not #253: Stop Ignoring It

Have you ever heard something so often that you just start ignoring it?  You know you should do it and it is good advice, but…

Admit it; you just don’t want to put forth the effort that it would take to do it. “It” either makes you frustrated, uncomfortable or you just don’t want to think about the consequences. After all you don’t usually procrastinate the things you like doing.  Sometimes it is easier not to think about it.  Of course “it” wouldn’t take hardly any effort at all, but still…

It oftentimes seems easier to ignore a problem and deal with the guilt of ignoring it rather than confronting it head on and just doing it.  The “it” that I’m talking about, of course, is food storage and water storage.  I’m also talking about 72 hr. kits, under the bed kits, car kits, school kits and – oops, I’m overwhelming you again and you are ignoring me – again.

Stop ignoring me and really listen (I mean continue reading).

Get your water stored.  Is water storage hard? No!  It is probably the easiest item, and the most important, of all to store.  All you have to do is go to your tap and fill your empty water storage jugs.  It is so easy that even your kids could do it for you.  As a matter of fact it is so easy, you should tell them to go fill up something empty right now.  That was easy.

I love having my 250 gallon Super Tanker – and I even got my son to fill it for me.  I told you it was easy.

Actually getting prepared for all of your food storage needs can be very easy – if you don’t try to do it all at once.

Check out the food storage worksheets and get started.  After you figure out what you need then you can start shopping the case lot sales, growing your garden, and preserving to your heart’s content – and becoming better prepared.

Another thing that you should also consider is the sundry (various and miscellaneous items) part of your preparedness.  The other day a guy at work came in and asked, “Does anyone have a needle and thread?”  Well of course I did.  I started reaching for my purse and he started laughing and then said, “Good because I am so ripped!”  He then took a He-man pose and flexed his arms.  It was pretty funny and very corny, but what gave me the biggest chuckle was that I was reaching for my traveling sewing kit.  Who does that when they are at work?  Me.  Enough said.

Needles (various sizes and types), thread (various colors), buttons and patching material should be in everyone’s storage.  An Altoid box (or other small tin) makes a really good portable sewing kit and can fit into your purse or car glove box (a.k.a. jockey box).  You just never know when you will need a thread and needle and it isn’t always when you are at home.

Another item that you should always have in your purse or car is a notebook and pen/pencil.  I like to keep a pen for leaving a note, but I also like to keep a pencil on hand in case the pen stops working (that has happened before).  Are you afraid that the tip on the pencil broke off?  Don’t be – remember that you always carry a small pen knife for “just in case” and you can whittle a new tip on the end of the pencil.

I always like to keep a small notebook in my car/purse to leave notes, but I have also found that it is very convenient to also have a pad of Post-it notes.  Keeping a large supply of paper and pens/pencils at home is also a very good idea.  I have also found it very convenient to have an assortment of poster board on hand.  It is surprising how many things you can use poster board for.  It is just too bad that they don’t make it as thick and strong as they used to.

Other sundries that you might also want to include are toilet paper, feminine products, extra blankets sturdy shoes, dental floss, bar soap, laundry soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste and any other items you use without thinking about on a daily basis.

Now that you have stopped ignoring the “preparedness thing,” you can start getting prepared.  It is all so easy!

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