Ready or Not #123: School Kits

School has been going for a few weeks now and that means it’s that time again – time to store your water!  Just kidding (sort of).

You have purchased new clothes, paper and pencils, backpacks, new shoes, and everything else that you need for your child to be a successful student.  Did you also get items for a School Emergency Kit. If you want your student to be truly prepared to go back to school, make sure that you assemble this kit and have them take it with them on the first day of school and leave it in their locker or cubby hole for the school season.

Earthquakes and other emergencies don’t just happen when everyone is gathered around the table and safe at home.  Nope, chaos and destruction generally seem to happen when everyone is spread out doing their own thing: school, work, shopping or visiting others.

Teach your children that no matter where they are, they need to be prepared – and then prepare them.  Look this school kit list over and then have your children help you assemble one so that when they are at school they will be prepared and confident that they can take care of themselves until you come after them, no matter what happens.

School Emergency Kit

  • Inexpensive backpack or small duffel bag
  • 2 sealed bottles of water
  • 1 or 2 Energy Bars/Candy Bars (remember – Chocolate will melt and make a mess)
  • Hard tack candy and/or gum
  • Tennis shoes or boat shoes
  • 2 pairs of cotton socks
  • A pair of sweats (or change of clothes)
  • Flashlight that doesn’t need batteries
  • Poncho and/or umbrella
  • Small first aid kit
  • Whistle
  • Toilet Paper – 1 roll
  • Small bottle of hand sanitizer (PureWorks antibacterial foam – really good stuff, Purell) and/or small packet of wet wipes
  • Money. You decide on the amount, but make sure that you have small change in coin as well as paper bills.
  • Pictures, on a lanyard or necklace of some sort, of each member of your family. Mount the pictures on some card stock and on the back write, the name of the person in the photo, the address, contact names and phones numbers.  It is best to have individual pictures instead of a group photo because the person is more recognizable.  It would also be a good idea to have the pictures laminated.  Each person in the family will need a set of every person in their family.  These will need to be updated every year.  The best time to do this is when you get school pictures because they are usually taken at the beginning of the year. Or just get your digital camera out and get them done before school starts.
  • You can also put any medical instructions such as allergies, asthma, diabetes, etc., on the back of the pictures before you laminate them.
  • You should also include a letter from you, their parents, with instructions of what to do in case of an emergency at school and a letter of assurance that all will be well and that you will be together again as a family.

As you are putting your children’s kits together, make sure that you put your own kit together for your vehicles so that you will also be prepared – just in case you are away from home during an emergency.   Remember your children learn by example, so be a good example.

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