Ready or Not #235: Scheduling Planner

It’s that time of year.  No, I’m not talking about the frantic shopping and wrapping. I am talking about the scheduling and the making of plans for next year.   You don’t have to plan out the entire year all at once, but it is always good to keep track of important dates ahead of time.

I know that a lot of people have smart phones and use phone apps to keep track of their schedules and appointments – and that is nice.  I don’t have a smart phone.  I have a phone that can make and receive phone calls and that is just about it.  No pictures and nothing smart.  I’m okay with that because there are some things that I still like to have a hard copy of and my scheduling calendar is one of them.

Because of our family’s circumstance, I need to keep track of a lot of appointments, future lab test orders, and more.  For me it wasn’t realistic to buy a pre-made day/week/month planner because they didn’t provide what I needed and they were just too darn expensive.

Last year, I bound my own calendar and it worked great for the first month and then the clear front cover page broke off.  I put it back on.  It broke off again.  I gave up.  This year I bought a nice black, fairly lightweight, three ring binder.

The rest of the planner worked perfectly – the pockets that I made out of manila folders (one for each month), the full page sized calendar and having all of my documents in order.  It was great, but like all good things it could be better.

By changing to the three ring binder, I can now remove and replace documents more easily.  Instead of carrying around the insurance paperwork and other copies of information needed at the doctor’s office or hospitals in tattered envelopes (the envelopes started out looking nice), I can just put them in the front of the planner and keep them better protected – and much easier to access.

I also put my emergency call list at the front of the binder to make it more accessible – in case I don’t have a number pre-programmed into my non-smart phone.  Another addition is the disc holders that I use for the DVD/CD’s that the hospitals provide when you have x-rays, CT scans or MRI’s.  It’s very nifty.

The calendar that I use is the one that fits on one 8 1/2×11” sheet of paper.  Here it is:  2013 Calendar.  If you want a little smaller calendar that you can fill in the dates, I have also made one of those that you can set up. Here it is:  Generic Weekly Calendar. Print it front to back and it works very nicely.

I am already scheduling appointments into April. (Sigh)

The calendars I created are in an Excel format and so it is really easy to use on your own computer desktop, real desktop, fridge, or you can print it out like me and put it in a folder.  Whatever works best for you.

Now that you don’t have to worry about how to schedule your life, you can get back to your shopping and wrapping.  Good luck with that.

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