Ready or Not #47: Ready Campaign

A visitor to our website,, left a comment stating that September is National Preparedness Month. Here it is the end of September and I didn’t even know that there was a special month just for preparedness. I’m so excited that the government has set aside a whole month to stress the importance of being prepared – this is so much more important than National Pancake Month.

Let’s start off with the obvious – get your water stored! Two gallons of water, per person, per day, for a two week period. I just can’t say that enough. You can go without a lot of things, but you will be sorry, or dead, if you don’t have clean water for drinking and sanitation. Please, please, PLEASE, get your water stored.

As part of the government’s emergency preparedness campaign, they have teamed up with Ad Council to advertise the Ready Campaign. The Ready Campaign’s goal is to make the public aware of their responsibility to prepare their family for any type of disaster that might happen in their community. These are the basic things that the government is asking you to do: 1) get an emergency supply kit (72 hr. kit), 2) make a family emergency plan (this includes how to communicate with others if everyone isn’t at home when the disaster happens), and 3) know the types of disasters that could occur in your area. In other words, we are being asked by our leaders to take responsibility for our own safety and the safety of our families.

The government will be able to help out somewhat with the aftermath of a disaster, but the government wants to encourage each individual to prepare and keep their own families safe during the disaster; after all it is, and should be, our responsibility. You can read past articles at for additional information on how to get prepared and you can also go to the government web site, and for more information. These sites will help you and your family know which questions you need to ask, how to answer them and what you need to do to get prepared. Remember, if knowledge is power, then applying your knowledge and getting prepared, makes you powerful.

Another excellent way to get prepared is to get CERT certified. I have written in the past about how important it is to be CERT certified and how it will help empower you during a disaster and make you useful. There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to help, but not having the skills to do so safely. CERT is nothing like getting EMT training, they don’t even teach CPR, but they do teach you how to help first responders, your neighbors, community and family – SAFELY! Also, if you get CERT trained you automatically become part of the Homeland Security program. There is no down side to being trained.

Right now the Provo City Fire Department is offering CERT training classes for only $40.00 (this covers the cost of your CERT supplies: helmet, vests, gloves, ID card and instruction manual). You need to be at least 12 years old, but there is no other age limit imposed; so make sure that you get grandma and grandpa CERT trained too. In CERT there is a place and a job for everybody – everybody needs to be trained. To sign up for, or find out more about future CERT classes, call (801) 852-6321, or go to for more information

A few years ago, when Katrina hit New Orleans and the surrounding area, there were a lot of people who were prepared and were able to leave the area and took responsibility for their family’s safety. The rest wanted somebody else (the government) to take care of them and did not get prepared; we all saw how well that went. When it comes down to it, bad things will happen, of which we will have no control over, and only you can determine how good or bad it will ultimately be by how prepared you get NOW.

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