Ready or Not #222: Prescribing Mint Creamies with Chocolate

Have you ever been sick and nauseous, but not sick?  I mean not sick with a fever, but still pretty miserable?  Recently, I was taking a statin medicine and had a really BAD reaction to it.  I ached all over (I later found out that my muscles were literally deteriorating – not good) and I was really miserable.  Every muscle, including my toes, hurt and I just wanted to stay curled up in a ball and whine. (I don’t make a very good sick person.)  I was also nauseas and just didn’t feel like eating even though I was hungry.

I didn’t feel like cooking anything and I couldn’t afford to order out all week – and then there was that nauseous feeling again.  I just couldn’t shake it.  My husband shared his stash of candied ginger with me (he has a couple of medical issues that make him nauseous nearly all of the time) and it was really effective in calming my stomach down.

But as helpful as nibbling on the candied ginger was, I wanted something more substantial, not too much more, but just a little.

Enter the mint Creamies ice cream bar on a stick, but first a little background.  Before my dad passed away a couple of years ago, he was suffering from the symptoms of post-polio.  If you don’t know anything about post-polio, basically your body degrades to the point of when you were experiencing the worst of the disease.  My dad had polio when he was twelve years old and one of his body parts that was paralyzed by the disease was his esophagus.  My dad was very fortunate and was able to leave most of his paralysis behind when he was young (he was able to play football in high school and in the army) and lead a normal life.  But as he got older he started to experience the insidious regressive symptoms of post-polio.

Because of his esophagus again being paralyzed, my dad found it difficult to eat food that was a little dry and most meats because it would get caught in his throat.  (He could eat deer, but not beef.  Odd.)  He also found that a lot of food that he had loved now made him sick so he and my mom started looking for something that would help him.   This is where the mint Creamies comes in – and only the mint Creamies.

Quite by accident he found that the mint Creamies helped his stomach feel better (mint does that),  It was easy for him to swallow, had less calories than an a regular ice cream bar, enough protein so that he didn’t get weak and – wait for it – it was all covered in chocolate. (Okay, that was more important to me than him.)

My husband didn’t have a problem swallowing, but he did experience a constant stomach upset and he just didn’t have an appetite.  The Creamies had worked so well for my dad and so we figured that they might help him, but we had to be careful because my husband also has diabetes.  Thank goodness they only had 17 carbs and don’t give him any problems.

To make a long story short, they worked – wonderfully.  I now buy them by the case(s) (Can you say food storage?).  If you shop at the stores I frequent, you will probably have a hard time finding any mint Creamies because I empty the shelves every time I go shopping.  The grocery store personnel know me as the “Creamie lady.’”

Now to get back to my misery (of which I am completely over now). My husband suggested that I try eating the mint Creamies to see if they would help me.  They did, it was wonderful.  I continued to eat the mint Creamies until I got feeling well enough to start fixing and eating regular food again.  They worked really well to calm my churning stomach and of course it didn’t hurt that they were covered in chocolate. (Bonus!)

The funny thing is, when I am feeling well I really don’t like the mint Creamies.  I much prefer the vanilla or cherry Creamies, but only the mint Creamies work when you are not feeling well.  I just thought that I would share this little known “miracle cure” for you to try the next time you are sick – or not sick.  Whichever.

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