Ready or Not #274: Prepared Mentally and Physically

I did it.  I really, REALLY did it!  Last January I wrote an article about going back to school so that I would be better prepared with a degree to take care of my family.  Well, I did it.  I finished my Bachelor of Science, Business Management Degree!  I worked really hard and my goal was accomplished.  I am so happy – and now I am better prepared.

If you have any desire or inclination to further your education then JUST DO IT!  You will be glad that you did.  Overcome obstacles, find a way past potential problems and then go for it.  My dad used to say, “To get what you really want, you must give up something that you want for something you want even more.”  He graduated with his Bachelor degree when I was ten years old.  (My kids are 22 and 26; it took me a little longer to figure things out.)

And if I can make a suggestion for a great school that will work with you, try Western Governors University (WGU).  WGU is the best!  Call them or go to to find out more – and then get started!

It is nice to know that now when opportunities present themselves that I will be prepared and will be able to take advantage of them.  It feels good.

I’m not a big ‘New Year’s resolution’ kind of person, but every year I do try to do something above and beyond my normal comfort level.  I achieved that last year by attending school and getting my degree.  This year I think that I will start using my fitness progress charts and see if I can’t get a bit healthier.

Having good health isn’t just about looking slim and trim, it is more than that.  I have noticed that as I have gained weight that I have lost my stamina.  If there were a disaster or if I needed to be able to work physically to put my world back together after a storm or disaster, it would be very difficult for me and maybe even life threatening.

When your body is out of shape you are more susceptible to heart attacks, strokes, strains and sprains and over-exhaustion.  It is better to be prepared by keeping in shape, or as I need to do, get back into shape.  Also, it is easier to keep a positive mental outlook when you are in good physical condition.

I figure that if I work as hard at getting back into shape as I did studying and taking tests to get my degree, then I will make quite a bit of headway.  I didn’t lose my stamina or muscle tone overnight and I don’t expect to get it back overnight, but again, “To get what you really want, you must give up something that you want for something you want even more.”   And I want to be truly prepared.

I hope that you find something this year to stretch you and take you out of your comfort zone to become more – and to be better prepared.

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