Ready or Not #142: Prepared in the Car and at Home

When I the weatherman forecasts that a winter storm is heading my way, I get my shopping done and run all of my errands.  Am I just a wimp and don’t like to brave the cold? Absolutely!  That and I’m not a risk taker and I just don’t want to take the chance of being stuck somewhere in bad weather.

This brings up a good point about being prepared – whether you are home or on the road.  Are you prepared for bad weather?  Do you have some winter boots in the trunk of your car?  How about an extra blanket?  Not just a small silver emergency blanket, but a nice warm quilt that you don’t need on your bed anymore.  How about an emergency kit?  Does it have chemically activated hand warmers in it?  Do you have a nice, warm knitted beanie cap?  How about an umbrella?  Umbrellas aren’t just for rain you know; they can also be used for protection against piercing winds and heavy snowfall.  What kind of gloves do you have in your car for an emergency?  Did you know that your hands will actually stay warmer if you are wearing mittens?  It’s true because your fingers share the warmth with each other.

I ask these questions because these are the same questions that I ask myself each time that I drive anywhere in bad weather, especially on cold mornings (the weather forecaster on my computer said that is was 12 degrees Fahrenheit, but that with the wind chill that it really felt like 4 degrees – I believe it!)  I can say yes to all of these questions except for the mittens.  All I have are gloves, but my goal is to get a good set of mittens just to leave in the car.

Just because I am staying home does not mean that I am exempt from the cold or disasters that might strike.  Power outages here and there are playing havoc on several states back east and there are thousands of people who are without power – and they are pretty darn cold and miserable.

Ask yourself some questions to see if you are prepared for a winter freeze.  Do I have an alternative heating source?  Do you have enough fuel for your alternative heating source?  Is my alternative heating source and fuel safe (very important question)?  Do you have enough variety of food on hand that you don’t have to go out shopping, or would you be forced to go on a diet?  DO YOU HAVE WATER?  Do you have a reliable form of communication if your cell phone battery goes dead?  How about medications?  Can you survive for a week or more if you were unable to go to the pharmacy?

We have such extreme temperature fluctuations in Utah that we need to be prepared for, both hot and cold; the cold just has my undivided attention right now.  Please make sure that your car is really ready and full of gas when you go somewhere.  Make sure that your house can truly be a place of refuge, no matter what, and make sure that you are fully prepared mentally, physically and spiritually – those three elements will help make any disaster more bearable.  And to make life in general more bearable check out the Homemade Hot Chocolate recipe at and stay warm deliciously!

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