Ready or Not #209: Prepare for the Worst and Weather the Best

Yesterday while I was watching the news, I saw Texas on fire, the aftermath of the Midwest being blown about by tornadoes (there were 289 tornadoes reported in 15 states, over a three-day period – a record breaker).  Areas here in Utah are starting to float away (with predictions of flooding of which the like hasn’t been seen in more than 30 years).  Then there are entire countries like Haiti, Chile, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and other places that are still dealing with catastrophic events.

What about the BP oil spill in Louisiana?  That man-made catastrophe happened one year ago today and the residents are still dealing with the cleanup.  British Petroleum promised to compensate everyone that was affected by the spill and to clean the area up better than before, but…  Here it is a year later and there are oil balls (little balls of sand that are created by sand forming around globs of oil) strewn across the sandy beaches and people are waiting to be compensated for their losses.

As I listened to the residents that were still struggling with the disaster a year later, my heart went out to them.  As I finished listening to the news, the thought came to me that there are still so many people out there that have the attitude that, “It will never happen to me.”  Well, I’m here to tell you that it has happened to you – it has happened to ALL of us.

Oil prices have risen in cost, hence everything else has followed suit.  The sometimes violent weather and earth’s shifting and moving is as unpredictable as ever. And there are still a lot of people unemployed that want to work, but are still frantically struggling with their situation.

What a great time to have your food storage in place. With the natural forces in play and political powers out of control around the world, isn’t it nice to know that you have stored what you need to keep your family fed and sheltered, and safe?

Right now you are starting to panic, “But I don’t have everything I need, what can I do?”  First thing, don’t panic.  Think things through and choose your options wisely.  Plant a garden, big or small, and bottle, freeze or dry your harvest for later use.  If you haven’t ever planted a garden, I think you will be surprised with how much produce you can raise in a very small space.  Zucchini and beans are especially prolific producers and they taste good raw (in salads or as munchies) or cooked (any way you like.)  Beans and zucchini freeze well and beans bottle easily and are so versatile.

In our house, we know if something bad can happen, it will.  I’m not a pessimist, actually my husband says that I am annoyingly optimistic (I’m always trying to find the “silver lining”), but I am a realist and for some reason our family seems to go through a lot of what I term “steep learning curves.”

Without our food storage and being prepared, our family would never have fared as well as we have.  Take the time to figure out how much food and supplies you need to store for a year on our food storage worksheets.  After you have done that, break it down and take it on a month at a time.  Even if it takes you two or three months to get a full month worth of food, you will be one month ahead – then you can start on the second month until finally, one day, you wake up to find that you have a year supply of food stored for your family.

Don’t let a disaster, big or small, slow you down.  Get prepared, plan for the worst and hope for the best, and then just breathe deep and know that whatever happens, WHEN it happens (because it always does), you will have done all that you could – and that will be good enough.

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