Ready or Not #216: Picky, Finicky, and Soft

I was fixing dinner when the oddest memory popped into my head.  I was cooking up two pounds of hamburger (you know, the good way mixed with saltines, eggs and spices) and two boxes of mac-n-cheese (I was tired and it was easy).  There are probably a lot of families out there who would use all of this food for one meal (I know because I used to), but now there is only my husband, who doesn’t eat a whole lot these days, me and my son – sometimes (he gets invited to eat at friends a lot).  So why all the food and what was the odd memory?

I was looking at all of the food that I was cooking and I suddenly remembered that I had once spoken with a woman who stated that she “would NEVER eat leftovers!”  Huh?  My family would starve if it weren’t for leftovers.  The reasoning behind my cooking so much was in case my son did come home hungry; he could warm up something quickly.  But the bigger reason was because I was also making tomorrow’s lunch for all three of us – one serving to stay home and two to go.  A two-fer!

Lazy?  Maybe a little, but I think it was a wise use of my time.  The only drawback in some folk’s minds is that lunch was a leftover from the day before – that would mean eating the same thing two days in a row! (Gasp!)

That bit of sarcasm brought up another thought – when did we start getting so picky and about our food consumption?

A friend of mine brought a bunch of about five or six bananas to work awhile back and asked if I wanted them.  Of course I said yes (I love bananas), but I was curious as to why he was giving away such a small bunch of perfectly good bananas.  When I asked him he said that it was because they were starting to go brown around the edges.  Really?  I hadn’t noticed them being brown.  I looked again and literally they had started to go brown around the top of the banana where they were attached, but nowhere else.  None of them were bruised – I didn’t get it.  Apparently his wife didn’t like brown bananas and wouldn’t eat them. Those bananas had a good week left in them and if they were still hanging around when they really did turn brown, then they could go in the freezer for the next fruit smoothie.

When did we get so finicky with our food consumption?

THEN… I got thinking about the gentleman in Alabama with which I shared his experiences of living through one of the horrible tornado disasters.  He stated that the power had been down for six days for 80% of the community and it was iffy when the 20% would get their power back.  He talked about how some of his neighbors, whose houses hadn’t been damaged, decided to leave town, at great expense, because they just couldn’t deal without having electricity.

When did we get so soft?

Picky, finicky, soft?  Can many of us be so aptly described?  Part of being prepared is to have the mental toughness and tenacity to pick ourselves up, assess the situation, and then deal with the problem without falling apart, running away or going hungry because things aren’t “just so.”

The family in Alabama came together as a family and played board games, road their bikes, helped their neighbors – and probably ate leftovers.  And he stated that they were doing quite well and still in good spirits.  Meanwhile some of their neighbors were spending a whole lot of money elsewhere in order to hold onto small conveniences.

One of the reasons they did so well was because they took the time – ahead of time – to prepare themselves.  They had food storage, WATER storage (500 gallons!) and cash on hand – and a good attitude.  The attitude was earned because when the tornado stopped and the disaster was just beginning they knew that they were prepared to “weather” it. (Pun intended)

And yes, I have already packed my hamburger and mac-n-cheese for lunch tomorrow.  There is nothing like being prepared!

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