Ready or Not #113: No Gloom, No Doom

I was sitting on the front porch of my friend’s house just talking and enjoying a pleasant summer evening when another friend stopped by.  The conversation was enjoyable and it was nice to see how, as friends, we can help each other and relieve each others burdens in so many little ways and how all of our lives are intertwined – in a special way.

However, there was one small part of the conversation that stuck with me because it made me kind of sad.  One of the women was talking about a preparedness e-mail that she gets every week that is full of wonderful information. But the other woman said that she didn’t read it very often because it so overwhelmed her and made her a bit depressed.  We all started talking about how many preparedness people and preparedness web sites are all about the hardcore survival and so much gloom and doom seems to be involved.  They make it sound like the world is coming to the end and it can really be kind of depressing.

I hope that you don’t get depressed reading this article and I hope that you don’t get a foreboding sense of gloom and doom.  I’m really a very happy person that is stressed just like everyone else with everyday family things and as much as I store food, buy in bulk and make sure that I have enough water stored, I am not “into” the being afraid of the future.  What a waste of time and energy.  You could better spend your time filling water jugs.

The future is good – in spite of soaring gas prices and rising food prices.  It is all good.  What being prepared should be is just that — being prepared.  You shouldn’t be afraid.  You should just plan for the worst, hope for the best, and live your lives to the happiest, or the fullest – really.  Yes, I want to you to store your water and I want you to have a year’s supply of food and other necessities because it is the smart and wise thing to do – the prepared thing to do.

I have a saying that I tell my kids: “A foolish man doesn’t learn from his mistakes.  A smart man learns from his mistakes.  But a wise man learns from others’ mistakes.”  Let’s be wise.  Let’s prepare our families by living within our means, learning new skills, evaluating what makes us happy, and getting our houses in order.  Build your food storage and be prepared – not afraid

What I hope I can accomplish with this article is to give you the confidence, the skills and the desire to give your family peace of mind by preparing yourself.  As many disasters as there are going on around the world (and there are a lot), we will find that most of our crisis will be more intimate – the loss of job, poor health, too much debt and just day-to-day living.  Prepare yourself to be happy. Prepare yourself to live well and prepare yourself to take care of your family – no matter what.

Now, go get those empty water jugs filled!

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