Ready or Not #256: Nice and Creamy

So when was the last time you made butter?  I mean the “too sweet to eat” butter.  The” too sweet to use for anything” kind of butter.  I’m talking about when you are trying to whip up some sweet whipped cream and instead end up making butter.

I remember the first time (I’ve started numbering them) that I made butter it was when I was first married.  I had baked a pie and wanted to top it with fresh whipped cream.  And for a second I had fresh whipped cream – and then in an instant I had really sweet butter.  Now I tend to hover over my cream as it is being whipped into a frenzy – and do a lot of taste testing to make sure that I have added enough vanilla and sugar.

For those who have never whipped up a bowl of whipped cream, it is fairly easy – you just can’t overdo it.  It is best if the cream, the bowl and the mixing beaters or wire whip that you are using are all really cold.  Sometimes I will throw everything in the freezer for just a moment or two before starting.

As you are whipping the cream on high you want to gradually add the sugar a spoon at a time, to taste.  You want to make sure that all of the sugar is added fairly early in the process because it needs the time to melt into the cream.  If you add it at the end, your cream will be grainy.  Also add a teaspoon or so of vanilla (again to taste) while you are still whipping it.  Continue to whip the cream on high until you get a nice and “creamy” texture.  Stop immediately at that point or you will get butter.

Then top something yummy with the perfectly creamy cream and eat.  Perfect

But what if you can’t find the beaters or wire whip to whip the cream?  This is where you can get creative, get whipped cream and not worry about making butter.

After being unable to find the wire whip to their mixer, but still wanting to eat whipped cream on their dessert, I had some friends that got really creative.  They decided to use their blender.  I know, who’d of thought?  Desperation can help you to create new and inventive ways to overcome desperate problems.    If you think about it, all that you are doing to make whipped cream is incorporating air in to the cream to make it fluffy.  Blenders can help incorporate air.

Much to their surprise, the new process worked beautifully.  Or should I say “creamily”?  What they were really excited about was the unexpected side benefit of the “no butter” cream.  They said that what happened is that as the cream started to whip and get full of air, the cream that was whipped started to rise in the blender while the still un-whipped cream was nearer the spinning blades.  It was perfect because you can’t whip the cream any more by default.  They also said that they were able to add more sugar at the end, stir it up a bit and whip it a little bit more and it wasn’t grainy – and still, no butter.

And these people know their sweet butter!

They were thrilled!  I am thrilled!  Now I just can’t wait until I can try it out.  They said that you really don’t have to do anything special, just turn the blender on.  I think that I would start on medium while adding the sugar and vanilla and then go full out and turn it to high soon after that.  You can even try pulsing it if that works better.

Did you know that you can also freeze cream?  Check out how to freeze your cream and keep it creamy.

Remember, food storage should be tasty, easy to store and in this case, absolutely creamy!

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