Ready or Not #191:More Preparedness and Gift Giving

Still looking for some inexpensive Christmas gifts to give?  How about some homemade hot chocolate mix?  Put the homemade mix in a quart jar, tie a lovely bow around it and send it to your extended family, friends or neighbors with a little tag that says, “May your Christmas be Merry and WARM!” with the recipe on the back so they can make more when they run out.  What a lovely thought and an inexpensive, yet yummy way to express it.   The nice thing about making your own hot chocolate mix is that your family will be prepared for cold snowy days also.

Don’t forget gift cards (#23 – Gifts), especially for young married couples.  Gas cards and grocery store cards are especially helpful and will help them start their own food storage.  Another item that is somewhat affordable and much appreciated is a roll of stamps!  I know that a lot of the items that I am suggesting as gifts are not very flashy and are somewhat unconventional, but they are all something that during financially lean times are very appreciated and also help the receiver to be better prepared.

If you still need more ideas for gifts or stocking stuffers check out #86 – Christmas Stocking Stuffers. And don’t forget #87 – Christmas Toilet Seat Gift.

Another gift that would not be very costly, but very useful, would be to calculate how much food storage your family needs using the Food Storage Worksheet and then print out your own personalized family cookbook for everyone.  Not only would you be giving members of your family a truly important part of their heritage – all of your favorite hand-me-down, family famous recipes, but you would also be giving them a foundation to start building their own food storage.  If you run out of time and money, give them a gift certificate with this websites URL and let them figure out what they need on their own.  After all, isn’t knowledge one of the greatest gifts you can give?

Remember that home is where preparedness begins – and it can also end if we don’t pass on the importance of being prepared to our children.  We are only ever one generation away from being clueless – about anything!  Our children must be taught or they won’t know the why or the how of being prepared.  Let them know how important it is to have an emergency cash fund and to have a year’s supply of food and sundry items.  Show them how important it is to stay out of debt and then teach them how to achieve it (by example if possible).  This is the greatest gift of all – peace of mind.

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