Ready or Not #107: Like What You Buy

I bought some large ink cartridges the other day for the color printer at work.  They are quite expensive, but they were on sale and I always like to keep a back up cartridge on hand to be, well – prepared.  One of my co-workers walked through and asked me why I bought the extra cartridges.  I told him that I was very excited to get them when I did because they were 10% off and I had saved quite a bit of money.

He then laughed at me because he said that his broker said that most people make the mistake of buying lots of stuff simply because it is on sale.  He then said they end up with a lot of “sheesh” that they will never use – and it is just a waste of their money and space.  I agree with that statement, even when it comes to food storage. But I want to qualify that because I don’t think that my interpretation is what the broker meant.

I believe that he means that you should buy only what you need when you need it and he probably wants you to take the money that you didn’t spend and invest it.  I agree, but instead of putting everything in stocks and bonds, I think that you should put it into food storage.

Food storage is an excellent way to invest your money and it will give you a wonderful piece of mind – but really think about what you buy.  I made the mistake of buying some soup just because it was on sale.  The only problem is, it is not a soup that anyone in my family really likes.  I thought that it would be easy enough to incorporate into our family diet, after all it was only Cream of Potato soup.  But my family just won’t eat it.  Don’t get me wrong, I will figure out a casserole or something that I can hide it in.  But if you have to struggle to figure out how to incorporate what you have stored into your everyday meals, then you should have saved your money and left that food item at the store.

When I buy Minestrone, Cream of Mushroom or Cream of Chicken, I have a hard time keeping it stocked on my shelves.  But my Cream of Potato just sits there.  I have found that if a really good sale comes on and I am thinking about buying cases of an item, I always buy one can of whatever first and have my family try it.  I have even been known to take a can opener with me to open a can of “stuff” in my car to check it out before going back in to buy a case of it.

Another financial/food blunder that I made was to buy a case of Mackerel.  I like tuna fish, and Mackerel was a canned fish, and really, how much different can it taste from tuna?  I’m here to tell you – A LOT!  It has a very strong flavor.  My family is pretty adventuresome when it comes to food flavors and textures, but they do NOT like the Mackerel.  I can’t sneak it into our meals.  Heck, I can’t even open a can in the house without my family complaining.  So there it sits.  No matter how good of a sale it was, it was money poorly spent.

Watch for sales, buy lots of what you eat and remember – no sale is good enough, and your money won’t have been wisely spent, if you can’t/won’t eat what you have purchased and stored.

And get your water stored.

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