Ready or Not #280: How Do You Buy Bread Without Money

Do you remember in the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” when George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart) tried to keep the doors open to his savings and loan institution?  One of George’s employees lost a great deal of money and in fear, the employees temporarily shut the doors to their business.  Word quickly got around that they didn’t have any money and the savings and loan clients got nervous and made a rush on the business.  George unlocked the doors but pleaded with the people to not to withdraw all of their money.  In the end most of the people trusted in George and didn’t withdraw all of their savings and the business stayed liquid.  Barely.  Hollywood can pull off that type of scenario.

Now imagine a non-Hollywood version where a desperate “George Bailey” has gone mad.  He closes the doors, doesn’t allow anybody to withdraw any money in any form (hard cash or electronically) and then he decides that if you have more money saved than what he decides you need, he would take your hard earned money to keep his business solvent.  And you have no recourse.

In a nutshell that is exactly what is happening in Cyprus, a small island country off the shores of Turkey and Greece.  The government closed all of the banks throughout the entire country on March 16th and nobody has had access to their money or accounts since.  Large businesses are currently having to ship money in from other countries in order to make payroll.  Large cargo ships are sitting dead in the water because there is no money to operate them.  Businesses, large and small, are suffering because nobody can get any money to go shopping for anything – including food!  Cyprus is in a full-fledged disaster.

The government has promised to open the banks several times, but the doors still remain closed as of today (Wednesday, March 27, 2013).  Many of the citizens of this small country are desperately hoping that the government will make good on their promise to open at least some of the banks tomorrow and allow access to some of their accounts.  And that will be a good thing unless of course they have too much money in their account.  What?  You can have too much money?  And who determines how much is too much?

From my understanding that is exactly what the government has done and is going to do.  When the banks finally do open everyone is afraid that they will only be able to access a small amount of their money.  They have been told that they will not have full access to all of their funds and they certainly won’t be able to withdraw all of their money.  And as if all of this isn’t bad enough, if you have more than 100,000 euros (about $130,000 in US money) the government might just decide to keep your “excess” so that it can pay off its debts and avoid bankruptcy.  Again I say – WHAT?  How can they do that?  Apparently fairly easily because it is being done as you read this.

And many people didn’t think that something like this could ever happen in the 21st century.  Well it has, and it will.  Cyprus isn’t the only country with problems; Greece, Portugal, Ireland and Spain are all battling bankruptcy.  And here in the U.S. Obama keeps spending our country further and further and deeper into debt.  Oh my…

So let me ask you, “How is your food storage these days?”  Have you got the makings for bread and well-rounded, nutritious meals?  How long would your food storage be able to last with your family eating off of it exclusively?  How is your debt?  Too high?  Do you have some cash on hand at your home?  These are very serious and important questions that you need to ask yourself.

Do you think that I’m being a bit of an alarmist?  Are you thinking that this situation could never happen here in the good old (insert your country’s name here)?  Don’t bet on it.  That problem could happen anywhere – even here – and especially there.

Please use the food storage worksheets that we have provided on this site and figure out how much food you need to store in order to feed your family for a year or longer.  Don’t worry if you have to start small; if you can only start with a week’s worth of food start there and then build on that.  By figuring out what you need to store will at least give you a goal to work towards.

If you have your debts paid off and you have a really well thought out food storage, then you can buy silver and gold.  But if you don’t have your food storage built up or your debts haven’t been paid off, then buy food.  Work on getting your debts paid off and then buy more food.  You can eat and/or barter with food when there is a food shortage, but it is hard to buy food even with silver or gold if there is no food to buy.  And you just can’t eat silver and gold.

Get yourself prepared and stop procrastinating.

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