Ready or Not #267: Halloween and Food Storage

Who says you can’t have fun with food storage?!

Remember that food storage should be made up of food that you would normally eat.  If you normally eat fun food or want to mix it up every once-in-awhile, then store the food that would help you do that.

My daughter has been fixing a lot of Halloween themed food for her kids this month and they have all had a lot of fun eating.  Kids love to be grossed out when they eat if it tastes good and is fun to eat.  That it can be made from food storage is a bonus!  It is all in what you choose to store and in the presentation.

A couple of nights ago my daughter made Weiner Mummies, the Halloween version of Pigs in a Blanket.  She used the triangular biscuits that pop out of the can, but instead of tearing them apart on the pre-perforated cuts, like you do with the Pigs in a Blanket, she did something else.  She used a pizza cutter to cut long strips, about ½” wide, to resemble strips of cloth.  She then used the strips to wrap the hot dogs up like mummies leaving a little bit of an opening to show the mummy’s face.  Serve the mummies with a little ‘blood’ (catsup) and ‘goo’ (mustard) and you will be a hit!

My daughter used the easy pop-out biscuits because that is what she keeps in her food storage, but you can do the same thing using a regular biscuit recipe.  I know this because I have used my biscuit recipe to make Pigs in a Blanket before and they worked out just fine.

If you are going to use a homemade biscuit recipe, make sure you roll the dough fairly thin because it will puff up when you cook it.  The one difference between my biscuit recipe and the store bought biscuit was that my biscuits were a little flakier (a little more fragile) than the pre-made biscuits, but both tasted good.

Have fun and be safe this Halloween.

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