Ready or Not #285: Hacked

Our website was hacked.  Boy was I ticked off!  Suddenly I couldn’t post articles and there were over 5,000 trackbacks, pings, links and other obnoxious postings that were terribly annoying!  I had to remove each and every one of them ONE-AT-A-TIME!  I could have wiped them all out at once, but then all of the comments, including the legitimate ones, would be wiped out and I didn’t want that to happen.

I can’t figure out why they would target my website.  They were promoting silly little handbags and overpriced jackets or jerseys of some sort.  I don’t get the connection – food storage and preparedness vs. over-priced accessories?  My suspicion is that it was the work of an unscrupulous, ethically challenged, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) manager.  Whatever the reason or whoever it was, I was not happy.

Why are people so obnoxious?!  Now on to other self-serving, stupid, people…

I had a friend tell me about a new way to turn a commonly drunk soda pop into an easy emergency light source.  It sounded kind of fun and novel, but useful so I decided to check into it.  Good thing that I checked it out first because it was bogus.

There are a bunch of videos on YouTube showing that if you take a bottle of the yellow Mountain Dew ™ soda-pop and add some baking soda and hydrogen peroxide you can turn the drink into a light source.  Wrong!  Instead you were just tricked into wasting all three ingredients that could have been used elsewhere during a crisis, maybe to bake oatmeal cookies (only using the baking soda of course) while drinking a Mountain Dew™.

Basically you can turn the Mountain Dew™ drink into a ‘light source’, but in order to do that you actually need to have a real light source – one of those glow in the dark light tubes.  You have to activate the chemicals in the tube and then clip off the ends and pour it into the drink.  What happens is that the already activated chemical reflects on the yellow color of the Mountain Dew and it amplifies the light source – a little bit.  A glow worm gives off more light.

If you already have a small light source, like a glow tube, just use a mirror or some aluminum foil to reflect the light and it will be a lot more effective than using soda pop.  I wouldn’t waste the drink – and I don’t even drink Mountain Dew™!

Why do people purposely give out wrong information?  Why?

If you want to be prepared for anything, like I think you do, then make sure that you aren’t taken in by shysters and purposely-wrong-information-givers.  Want a light source?  Don’t head to your food storage beverage section.  Instead have long burning candles available (believe it or not I have personally found that the candles used for ambiance lighting at the table lasts longer than the “long lasting” candle), make sure you have rechargeable flashlights, batteries and so forth.

There are so many legitimate easy storage light sources available that to use an ineffective fad is just silly and wasteful.

Think about what you really want to store in your food/sundry storage and then store it.  If you want to have access to items in an emergency, store those items, not the apocalyptic there-are-no-other option items.  If you want to have soap, store soap; if you want to have laundry detergent, store laundry detergent.  And if you want light, then store real light sources…and then let there be light.

Let the purveyors of stupid and the givers of misinformation be left to themselves; don’t give them an audience and boost their ‘credibility’.  And as far as hackers go, you are on my really bad list right now and I hope you trip and fall.