Ready or Not #192: Getting an Attitude About Preparedness

Of Course I’m Prepared …Oh, Wait!
But how would you know that.  I was talking to a co-worker the other day about the importance of water storage and how excited I am to get my 250 gallon Super Tanker water barrel and he asked me if I had a water purifier too.  Well, of course I did!  I mean, he has read my articles about how important it is to have water stored and a back-up water purifier; after all it was in article #….

WHEW!  I found it.  I wrote about making your own inexpensive water purifier in article #91: Water Resolutions.   We have also given you water purifier plans and list of what it filters out in that article.

The more I thought about it, the more convinced I became that a water filter would be a WONDERFULLY THOUGHTFUL CHRISTMAS GIFT.  After all, you would be giving the gift of life.  Think about it.

Survival of the Determinedly Prepared
Survival is not just about what you have.  Granted, having emergency supplies and extra important stuff stored is very, very good, but more than anything else, the most important thing is a good attitude.  You MUST be positive in your attitude during difficult times – and sometimes the holidays can be difficult times, especially if we are in a situation that that is less than desirable.

My daughter asked me the other day what I wanted for Christmas and I told her that a case of tuna fish would be really nice and I also told her that I had asked Santa for a case of toilet paper (of which I’m pretty sure he will bring).  My four year old grandson thinks that I’m kind of weird because neither of those items are a toy, nor can you plug them in, but it really is what I want – and need.

My mom was reminiscing the other day with me and she was talking about how as a young child they would each get a single orange (isn’t there a Christmas story about oranges?), one special toy (most of the time homemade), and very much needed clothes or other practical items.

Our gift giving ideas have really gotten out of control.  I was doing some Christmas shopping today and was in a book store (I love book stores) and I couldn’t help but notice how many absolutely useless and irrelevantly irreverent books of absolutely no redeeming value were for sale.  And it is the same with a lot of other products out there – they are basically nothing but gag gifts.  GAG!

Have the Attitude of Gratitude to Help You Get Prepared
It’s not about how silly and irrelevant we can become, but about how much we love and appreciate each other.  Don’t buy something to just fill a void, first make sure that it is a void that needs to be filled.  Buy that first-aid kit with confidence and give it to the teenager who is now driving a car and should never be without one.  Give your married children the start of a really nifty 72-hr. kit.  Give your little ones really good mittens, warm scarves and hats.  Galoshes are good too – you don’t want to get those feet wet and cold!  And everyone will appreciate a water purifier.   I think this year I’m going to give two tires to one child and safety work gear to the other one. (Please don’t tell them!)  Both gifts are given with love, both gifts are needed and as a mom I know that they will both be a little bit safer – and prepared – even if the gifts being given aren’t cute, funny (guffaw) and are a bit unconventional.

I guess what I’m saying is that instead of singing the song of “Woe is me” this season and buying gifts that will be forgotten shortly or quickly outdated – hum a Christmas carol instead and be grateful for what you have.  Be practical when giving gifts, and know that the real gift is our good attitude and our love and companionship with each other – and NOT how much we spend or how silly we can be.

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