Ready or Not #279: Get Your Latest APP

Got the latest APP?  I’m not talking electronics here.  I’m actually referring to the original meaning of the word application.  Ap-pli-ca-tion (ap-li-key-shuh n) 1.  the act of putting to a special use or purpose: the application of common sense to a problem. (online dictionary)  Remember this for later.

My daughter called me the other day and asked if I was interested in being a personal preparedness consultant.  What?  Apparently someone that she shared information from the website via her Facebook account wanted to know if I would be interested in getting her prepared and she wanted to know how much I would charge for that service.  Hmmm, I had never considered that before.

Of course I would feel odd taking money for information that I have already shared for free, here, on the website.  Also, what I haven’t shared yet, at some point in time, I will – just tell me what you want to know and I’ll look into it.  And it will still be for free.

Now remember that word ‘application’ that I wrote about in the first paragraph, “The act of putting to a special use or purpose”?  The information that you need is here, it just needs to be applied – by you.

A short time ago I spoke with a student who had previously attended one of my adult food storage and preparedness classes.  I asked her how her food storage was coming along and if she was prepared yet?  She sort of chuckled and told me that my class was very enlightening and that she did learn a lot, but that she still didn’t have her food storage built up yet.  She knew what she needed to do; she just hadn’t applied the knowledge.  Life just kept getting in the way and she never got around to incorporating it into her everyday life even though she knew that it would help her to build her food storage and get prepared.

I have found that it’s all about our priorities.  Whatever is important to us, we will apply it and follow through.  I read a newspaper article the other day that had some ideas to help stretch our grocery budgets.  One of the comments that one of the readers had was that she worked full time and just didn’t have time to make things from scratch.  I understand how she feels; I work full time and have other responsibilities too, but it was (and still is) important for me to save money and feed my family so I have applied my knowledge and have incorporated it into my everyday lifestyle.  Yes it takes a little more time, but not as much as you would think.

Yes, I do make homemade bread, homemade biscuits; from scratch soups, pancakes, waffles and everything else we eat.  Do I wish sometimes that I didn’t have to do everything all the time? Yes, but since I have made the effort to apply my knowledge and figure out how to incorporate my needs into my everyday lifestyle, I make it work – because it is my priority.

Food prices are going to go way up.  Just trust me on this, they will.  Also, if you have a part-time job chances are you are going to lose a lot of hours this year because of the politics that are forcing businesses to change the way they operate.  If you have a full-time job the chances of having your pay frozen or compromised this year is a real possibility.  ‘Things’ are going to change and it is going to be somewhat painful; it will be even more painful if you don’t have your food storage built up and haven’t yet incorporated using it in your everyday life.

What about the woman’s request that I go in and get her all set up?  The worry that I have is that if I go into people’s homes and figure out what they need using the food storage worksheets and information I have provided – for free – and show them where and how to store it, then I would know how to use their storage but they wouldn’t.  Yes they would have the ingredients, but would they be able to incorporate my knowledge without any effort on their part into what they need?  After all they will still be living their lives, but with possibly even more responsibilities than they have now if the economy does go dramatically downhill.

Part of being prepared is building a good foundation of knowledge and that foundation comes through practice and application – personally finding out what works and what doesn’t.

And even after reading all of my articles if you still want me to personally help you get prepared, then yes, offer me enough money and I’ll come and get you set up.  But just remember that in the end, you are the latest APP.

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