Ready or Not #42: Step 6 Food Storage Balance Sheet

Through all of your hard work you now have the information that you need to know – exactly what your family needs to be prepared for a year.  This information isn’t just a random number that has been pulled out of a hat trying to adapt unfamiliar food for your family.  It is the food that your family eats on a daily basis figured out for a year’s worth of storage.  Your family isn’t just going to survive, but it will thrive.  You have figured out a healthier way of eating and a cheaper way to feed your family.

Now all you need to know is how much you have and what the difference is.  Put your new found information in the goal area of the Food Storage Balance Sheet worksheet and then print it out and go inventory what you do have.  After you inventory your food supply, enter those numbers in the balance sheet calculator under current balance and it will automatically figure out what more you need to buy to reach your goal.  I think that you will be surprised at how prepared you are in some areas and how unprepared you might be in others.  This is very valuable information.

The wonderful thing about this calculator is that it doesn’t care if you are inventorying food or other staples like toothpaste, shampoo or cleaning supplies.  Once you have your list of what you need, print it off and stick it in your purse or your wallet and take it everywhere with you.  When you check the ads or see a good sale while shopping at the grocery store, you can check your list and see if it is something that you need.  If it is, then you could pick up a case or two of something, or a 25 lb. bag of whatever, and slowly but surely, build your storage up.

If you are pretty much starting from square one, and you might only have a couple of weeks worth of food on hand, you can break your list down into three month increments and build your storage evenly.  That way if you need to start using it exclusively, your storage will be more evenly balanced and you won’t be lacking necessary ingredients.  Once you have three months supply, work towards six months, then nine months and eventually a full years supply of food – and you will KNOW that it is a year’s supply of food and not just guess and hope that you are right.

You have already done the hard work.  Now all you need to do is the shopping.  And because you are using and rotating your menus, you will never have to hear, “What’s for dinner?” and you will never have to wonder again if you have all of the ingredients that you need because you will.  Now, what’s for dinner?

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