Ready or Not #41: Step 5 Food Storage Amounts

You’ve made it to Step Five and now all of your work is going to pay off.  With all of your added up calculations, you can now transfer them to the Ingredient Calculator and it will all make sense to you and you will know exactly what you need to purchase.

Obviously, if you had 35 cans of something, say corn or green beans, you would buy at least 35 cans, or two cases equaling 48 cans.  Nothing tricky there.  But if you have 528 teaspoons of baking powder, 1,536 cups of flour, and 786 tablespoons of salt, how much would you buy?  Good question, well now you know.  You would need 3 lbs. of baking powder, 384 lbs. of flour and 12 lbs. of salt.  I told you that all of your work would be worth it!  Just one thing.  All of the dry weight is based on flour weight.  I figured that the poundage would be close enough for the calculations that you need.  I know that legumes and grains are heavier than flour weight, but you can up the poundage a bit to compensate.

On the same page is a calculator for liquids and solids.  Very helpful!  Remember, these calculations are approximate, but they are close enough to get you prepared with the amounts you need.

Now that you finally have the amounts that you need, you can go on to the final step, Step Six – Food Storage Balance Sheet.

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