Ready or Not #115: Food Prices and Availability

I get up very early in the morning (4:00 a.m. in the summer and 5:00 a.m. in the winter) to get ready for work.  While putting on my makeup and doing my hair, I like to watch the morning news.  During the winter months, I watch the local news. But during the summer, 4:00 a.m. is even too early for the local news people.  The only ones nutty enough to be up at that hour are the national and world news agencies.  I love watching the local news because I can keep up with what is going on locally and know what the weather is going to be (well, maybe for a whole 10 minutes – after all be do live in Utah).  But listening to worldwide events gives you a whole new perspective on your day to day life.

The point of this whole news report is that I get a different kind of news in the summertime.  I was listening this morning to the world news and of course one of the big topics was the cost of gas and how so many people are suffering worldwide, not just here in the United States.  The biggest problem, worldwide, is not so much the escalating gas prices making it difficult to fill their gas tanks. No – it is the cost of food.

Most of the people that the newscasters talked about don’t even own cars. They do eat and the cost of food has risen outrageously high because the cost of food production has risen.  The reporter talked about a third world country where the average person’s wage for the day, that used to be able to feed the whole family, is now only enough to buy a day’s worth of food for one person.  If you have a dad, a mom and three young children, well, you do the math – they are pretty desperate.  Gas prices are affecting the price of everything; it is definitely more expensive to live these days.

Another part of the problem is that there is a food shortage in many parts of the world because of fuel prices, drought, pests, crop failure, wars and other sometimes freak weather events. Fortunately we live in a place that has no food shortage, and as expensive as it is to go shopping for food, at least we have it available.  The more that I listen to the news, the more grateful I am that I have the desire to build my food storage. I have access to healthy fresh food and the ability to grow my own garden to help defray the cost of fresh fruits and vegetables.

My mother was just a very small girl when WWII was raging, but she still remembers the food rationing and how difficult it was for her mother while her father was away serving in the military.  Most of the people who lived during the depression are no longer with us.  Basically, several generations, living here in the safety of the United States, have lived lives free of forced deprivation.  I sometimes wonder if we as a nation are up to going through really challenging times.  I really hope that we take on the challenge and as the saying goes, “endure to the end” gracefully. It is a good time to re-evaluate our lifestyles and what we need to change in order to keep our families intact and our sanity in check.  Of course, if we keep our debts under control and have our food storage built up and know how to use it, we will be able to endure difficult times a lot easier.  The whole idea behind being prepared is making life more livable and easier when life gets hard.

So, while we still have plenty of food available, let’s get moving and get prepared – and get your water stored.

Or, maybe I should go stick my head in the sand and stop watching the early morning news.

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