Ready or Not #160: Exercising and Getting Healthy

Being “prepared” is such a broad term and I have found that being healthy is a very important aspect of being prepared.  Granted, there are a lot of illnesses and tragedies that can take away our good health in a flash, and our family has had our fair share of what is out there, but basically we are responsible for the things we can do to maintain our personal good health.

I work at a job where I sit for very long periods of time. To be quite honest, sometimes I get so wrapped up in whatever task that I am working on, that the only reason that I remember to get up and move around is because I drink water all day and my body insists on it.  (Again the water thing – Store: two gallons per person, per day for a two week period.

In order to remind myself that I need to exercise and move more than just my fingers and eyes, I created a spreadsheet to help me track my progress and make me responsible for the shape my body is in.  I decided to share it with you because I can’t be the only non-athletic person out there who is concerned about being healthy.

I created three different tabs on the spreadsheet and one chart that you can save or just print out each week.  I have set up a loose-leaf to organize my information.

The first tab on the spreadsheet is the Annual Weight-BMI-Body Fat Log.  You will only need to print this page out once a year.  The top chart will be filled in as you get test results back such as total cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL and LDL readings.  However, you can fill in the Weight, BMI% (I included a Body Mass Index chart that is very helpful) and the Body Fat (total fat pounds) sections each month.  The lower chart will help you keep track of inches lost.  Yes, you can also do this by feel (my jeans aren’t as tight as last week), but it is always fun to have a number to boast about – after all is said and done.

The second tab on the spreadsheet is the Daily / Weekly Exercise Log.  This sheet helps you to keep track of your goals and what exercises you have chosen to do, how often, and how much.  This is very helpful to me because I (conveniently) forget some of my exercises when I get tired or lazy (mostly lazy).  This page will help me to be true to my goals.  There is also a place to track your pedometer readings and to keep track of your overall weight loss.

The last tab is a Weekly Food Log.  I made this one because the experts (generally people who are already in good shape) have said that if you track what you really eat vs. what you have conveniently forgotten what you really ate, you will better understand what you need to change to achieve your goals. (Put down the Burnt Almond ice cream cone!) I do know that there have been a few times that I have decided not to eat something just because I just didn’t want to bother taking the time to write it down. (That would be my lazy side.)

These spreadsheets were created in Excel and so after you have saved them, you can fill them in or adapt them to your situation, and of course, they will always be available under the Worksheet tab.

During a disaster, at home or in your community, it is just as imperative to be in good health as it is to have your water and food stored.  Look at where you are, make goals of where you want to be and then, let’s get working on getting prepared and being healthy!

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