Ready or Not #225: Evacuate – NOW

A friend of mine sent me an article the other day about the fires in Texas. The article described how Shannon Lilie had a mere five minutes to flee her home as a wildfire roared its way toward her home in Austin, Texas. Even though she had rehearsed over and over in her mind what she would do in such a situation, when it became a reality she struggled to have her wits about her. She didn’t know what to do.

Read the full article here: Wildfire evacuee: ‘I did not know what to do’

Up north people are still trying to get back to what is left of their homes after hurricane Irene. Now, tropical storm Lee is causing all kinds of mayhem. In Texas families are being driven out by the hundreds by the wild fires that are consuming everything in sight.


The upsetting part of this disaster, besides the obvious destruction, mayhem and death, is that the woman in Texas who totally froze because her family was evacuated because of the fire had more than five minutes to react!  Yes, the officer demanding that she evacuate probably only gave her five minutes to finish up and get out. But she has known for several days that the fire might devastate her area and that she may have to leave.

I’m not trying to sound callous here, but if there is a possibility that you might have to react quickly – and you have time to think about it – DO.  Plan a strategy, make a plan and write it down.  Make sure that everyone involved knows exactly what to do and then DO IT.

My heart aches for everyone that is dealing with this tragedy and all of the other tragedies that are constantly happening. But make the situation less tragic by thinking it through, making a family plan, gathering important papers and documents and then executing it in an orderly manner (or at least a controlled chaos).

And in the meantime pray for rain in Texas and clear skies in the east.


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