Ready or Not #227: Eating Well – Or Not

I’ve been eating 72 hr. kit food for lunch at work for the last week.  No, I have not been involved a disaster and no it wasn’t even attached to a 72 hr. kit.  The food was from a friend’s family’s 72 hr. kit and he gave it to me because the family decided that it just didn’t fit compactly enough into their kit.

I’ve been grateful for the free lunches, but I asked him why his family didn’t have a “let’s rotate and eat our 72 hr. kit food for dinner” night.  He laughed and told me that nobody would eat it and so he brought it to work to give away.  He didn’t want it to go to waste, and neither did I.  I sacrificed myself for the cause.

Actually it wasn’t that big a sacrifice.  Basically it was just a form of Raman noodles in a cup and it wasn’t that bad: it was warm (after you added warm water – make sure you have stored water in your 72 hr. kit, especially if your food needs to be rehydrated), and it was filling.

It would have been okay in an emergency, but if you are not willing to eat the foods that you’ve stored for an “in case of an emergency” when there isn’t an emergency, then get different food.  And that is exactly what this family decided to do – go buy good tasting, satiating, food that is desirable, especially during a potentially difficult time.

The food in your 72 hr. kit should be food that you can’t wait to rotate. (Stop your laughing.)  The way that food can be stored, preserved and packaged these days, you can store and eat just about anything you want.  Think about packing food that your family looks forward to rotating.  Let your kids start a six month countdown and mark it on your calendar and really have the “let’s rotate and eat our 72 hr. kit food for dinner” night (x’s three days in a row / three meals each day).

The first time that you do this (with the food that you currently have in your kit) it might not be very pleasant.  You might also find that it won’t satiate your family’s appetite for three days.  If you truly eat only what is in your kit then you might find members of your family getting a little testy or just down-right grumpy!  And that is without dealing with a displacing disaster!

After completing this exercise of eating your stored emergency food, sit down with your family and re-evaluate your new plan of attack (you might want to have this discussion over some warm homemade chocolate chip cookies and cold milk – that might help quell the wailing and gnashing of the teeth).

You can either mark it on the calendar or you can pick a date that everyone will remember (and look forward to.)  General Conference would be a good time – every October and April, or go with the obvious and easy to remember December and July – or whatever is easy for your family to remember.

Now go plan your new (potentially) yummy and fun family tradition.

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