Ready or Not #276: Eat and Learn

When I was much younger my parents made up this game that we would play with our world globe.  My dad would spin the globe and the chosen child would close their eyes and place their finger on the spinning globe.  Wherever the finger came to rest on the world map was the chosen area that we would study: a country, state, province or ocean.

Our family would divide into two teams and then we would have a week to learn everything we could about the area, the capital, largest city, GDP, the people, traditions, history of the area, etc.  (This was pre-internet days.)  The next week we would gather together and then either my mom or dad would be the mediator and ask us questions.  The team that won had the honor of being served the chosen desert, usually root beer floats or ice cream sundaes, by the losing team.  It was pretty much a win-win situation – everyone learned about the world around them and everyone got root beer floats.

My daughter has taken this game to a whole new level.

My eight year old granddaughter came running into the kitchen the other day screaming, “What day is it?”  It was Tuesday.   “Mom, you told me to remind you that today is the last day of the chicken sale!”  My daughter panicked; it was the last day.  They both jumped in the car and ran down to buy chicken.

It was a terrific sale and they bought a whole lot of chicken.

As my daughter was getting all of that chicken ready to freeze and put into storage, she started thinking of ways to make eating all of that chicken interesting so that they didn’t get “chickened” out.

The globe game to the rescue – with a twist.

She decided to play the game much the way we had when I was a child, but she decided to add another element.  Instead of just learning about what the people in that culture ate, she would actually prepare a meal that was exclusive to that country.  Specifically a chicken recipe.

When she presented the idea to her family everyone got really excited.  My mom had given my six year old grandson a globe for Christmas and so he ran and got it from his bedroom and they excitedly started spinning the globe.  The first place that his little finger landed on was the Polynesian Islands.  Everyone got very excited because the Polynesian Islands sounded so exotic and they couldn’t wait to try a chicken recipe from that area.

Consuming food that is specific to what you are learning will reinforce what is being learned.  Using food storage is a bonus.  And did you notice that my granddaughter made a point to remember the sale on chicken?  We start them young.

And I am sure that they will all insist on a delicious desert too – you know, so that they can remember everything that they learned.

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