Ready or Not #201: Earthquake Preparedness

How many of you felt the 7.0 earthquake in Chile a couple of days ago?  Okay, not very many if you are living in Utah. But how many of you here in Utah felt the 2.5, and the two 2.8 earthquake near Saratoga Springs and Lehi this past Friday, Saturday, and Sunday?

If I remember right, Chile has had four major earthquakes just this last year and last week, not to mention all of the aftershocks that happened afterward that were just as strong as the initial earthquake.  The Chileans are still reeling from the first earthquake.  The people in Lehi aren’t reeling, but I’ll bet there has been some discussion around the dinner table about the state of their readiness.  At least, I hope so.

Any major earthquake that happens anytime is going to be devastating to this valley, but I worry more about an earthquake in the winter.  The cold can be so brutal and if you haven’t prepared your family with alternative heat source, it could be deadly.

Of course in the wintertime we don’t have the problem of bugs, varmints and rotting garbage like we would in the summertime, but I still think that freezing to death (literally and figuratively) would be horrible.  Get a back-up heating source. Please.

Water.  Yes, again with the water.  It’s wintertime and you can just go out and gather up some snow to melt, right?  Seriously – have you looked at the snow on the ground lately?  It is dirty and disgusting.  It is so much easier to have readily accessible and clean water already stored and available for your family.

Actually, it is just so much easier and better all around if you and your family are prepared for any disruption to your well-organized lives.  Not just with water and heat, but with everything.  Have you and your family been actively preparing your family for a disaster?  Any kind of disaster – personal, community or national?

Are you re-evaluating your wants and needs?  Vacationing on a nice warm beach sounds awfully inviting right now with the bitter cold outside, but the money spent on a family vacation might just be the money you need to put the finishing touches on your individual and family 72-hr kits.  Staying home might make it possible for your family to afford a 250-gallon SuperTanker water storage container.  I’m working on saving up for a back-up generator and large propane tank.

The warmth that I feel getting my family prepared to take care of themselves during a disaster gives me so much more comfort than warmth from a week on warm sandy beach – It would be prudent to put a vacation on the back burner until you’re prepared.

Vacations don’t have to be put on hold for forever, but before looking to be entertained, look to be prepared.

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