Ready or Not #240: Drinking Yummy Food Storage

I am so excited.  Nina (our technology goddess) created three links to a couple of food storage sites above our ‘Advertise with us’ tabs (on the right-hand side of our site).  That is exciting enough (I can be easily entertained), but that is not what peaked my interest.  I looked at the food offered on the sites and they have a lot of variety, but still, that is not what got me excited.  I have even talked to quite a few people who say that it is high quality and good tasting food, but still…

What peaked my interest was the gluten free food storage!

As I have written about in the past, my daughter has celiac (she is unable to eat wheat, barley, rye or anything with gluten in it) and I have been very concerned about how to store a variety of tasty and nutritionally healthy food for her.  Yes, I like to store things at the most basic level so that I can mix and make anything I want, but if worse came to worse it would be difficult to not cross-contaminate her food with gluten products.

I am so happy.  I now know what she is getting for Christmas next year!  Gluten FREE food storage!  Whether you have celiac or not, check out the links and look over the variety of freeze dried and pre-prepared food.

My food storage unexpectedly grew a bit this last month.  My mom and dad had a very large food storage and when my dad passed away a couple of years ago, my mom decided to re-evaluate what she wanted and needed in her food storage.  After taking inventory, she found that she had enough food to feed the entire family for a year (at least all of the kids and most of the grandkids).  After taking out the food that she really wanted to keep for her own food storage, she decided to divide it between the families.

I now have more wheat, sardines and lots of soups.  And among some of the other various food items, she gave me a couple of #10 cans of freeze dried raspberries.  I LOVE freeze dried raspberries!  It makes the best raspberry lemonade.

The Best Ever Lemonade

6 cups water
1 cup sugar (or sugar substitute if you are diabetic)
1 cup lemon juice (can be the bottled kind or fresh squeezed)
¼ – ½ cup freeze dried raspberries, strawberries or peaches (optional – sort of)

Mix water, sugar and lemon juice together.  Add the freeze dried fruit to the lemonade and let sit for about 15-20 minutes while the fruit re-hydrates.  Pour into a beautiful tall glass and sit back and enjoy.  Yum.

I know that lemonade is generally a cool and refreshing summertime drink, but you can also heat it up and enjoy it as a warm wintertime drink.  It is very versatile and very yummy, especially with the raspberries!

No matter how you decide to build your food storage, keep working at it and don’t give up.  Plan your food storage to fit your family and remember to rotate, Rotate, ROTATE!  If you need to know how much food you need to store, check out our food storage worksheets and make a plan.  Don’t forget to store your water.  And if you have freeze dried or dehydrated food make sure that you have factored in the need to store even more water.  (2-gallons, per person, per day, for a 2-week period)

Now go heat up some raspberry lemonade – I know you want to try it.

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