Ready or Not #204: Don’t Panic – Just Prepare

Just like the rest of the world, I have been watching and waiting to see how things will play out after the trifecta disaster (monster earthquake, devastating tsunami, nuclear meltdown) in Japan.  How devastating.  The good thing about the disaster happening in Japan (if there is a good thing) is that the Japanese nation is probably the most prepared country to deal with such devastation, unlike Chile, Haiti or New Zealand.  Their building codes are high, the public has been educated and everybody is pulling together.

The latest problem that the Japanese public has to deal with is that their water system has been contaminated and is now radioactive.  Haiti’s big water problems were when the water couldn’t be filtered and purified and the general population was having problems with cholera.  The Japanese officials have stated that healthy adults should still be okay drinking the water, but the small children should avoid consuming any of the contaminated water.  Hmmm.

I don’t know about you, but really – drink water that you know is radioactive?  I don’t want to be my own nightlight.  I don’t know much about the chemical side effects of radioactivity and I know that it is used medically in very small controlled doses to heal us, but I do know that if you are exposed to too much it can kill you.  I just know that healthy adult or not, I don’t want to drink any contaminated water, radioactive or teeming with parasites and bacteria.  Get your water stored and drink purified, safe, water that is in your own home.  It’s all about staying alive and well.

Another thing I have noticed about this huge disaster is that a panic attitude surfaces in a lot of people and they don’t always do what is prudent.  People on the west coast are buying iodine pills, which are probably overpriced, out of fear.  The problem is that the officials that are monitoring the situation in Japan and how it will affect the U.S. said that the iodine pills that are being purchased to counteract the radioactive side effects are the wrong pills.  The iodine pills that are being sold are for when the radioactive elements are ingested and not just wafting over us in the breeze.  That type of contamination needs another type of treatment.

Fortunately by the time the radioactivity that has been released in Japan gets to the west coast, it should be pretty much dispersed and not harmful.  BUT if people take the iodine pills out of fear, thinking that they “aren’t being told everything” and the “more is better” attitude prevails, they could really mess up their thyroid and have very severe problems in the future.

Don’t make decisions out of fear.

Keep building your food storage with wisdom and knowledge by figuring out what you need with our food storage worksheets.  Don’t get caught up with the loose talk of fear mongers that are encouraging you to buy their products.  Do your own research and figure out the real needs of your family are, and then make a plan and follow through with it.  Make sure that your 72-hour kits (articles #5, #6 and #7) are in place and that your family plan (article #76) is in order.  And for goodness sakes, get your water stored (article #2, #177 and #188).

It’s all about the water.

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