Ready or Not #183: Conversion of This and That

Knowledge is everything when it comes to being prepared.  Books are one of the best ways to gain knowledge and find information.  I love books and I have several preparedness books and do-it-yourself type books that are just chock-full of incredibly useful information.  Another reason that I like books is because, if for any reason, the internet were to go down or power wasn’t available, I would still be able to get the answers to the questions I have.  But if the internet is up and going and there are no power issues – I just LOVE to Google and Bing!

I believe in getting the most bang for my buck and when I am spending my food dollars, I want to make sure that I am getting the best nutrients and all of the vitamins and minerals we need, not to mention enough fiber.  After all, if what you eat won’t sustain you, then you won’t have the stamina to go through day-to-day life and you will be absolutely useless during a disaster – you will BE the disaster.

I found a wonderful website that helps you find out just about anything about any type of food – manufactured or natural.  I typed in “banana”, at the top where it says to “enter food name” in the box (I was eating a banana at the time), and it gave me 70 options – that is a lot of options!  About halfway down the list it showed, “banana – raw” and that was what I was looking for.

Any food that you type in, including the banana, will show you the nutrition facts, much like a label you find on a can of soup.  It also shows you a nutritional target map, caloric ratio pyramid, estimated glycemic load, inflammation factor, protein quality, nutrient balance and more.  Really, more?  Absolutely!

If you really want to know that the food you are buying is helping you to feed your family in the healthiest manner, this is the site that can give you the information before going to the store and just guessing – or wasting your time by standing around in the store aisles reading labels. (Aghhh! Time waster.)  This site would be especially helpful to people who have diabetes, celiac disease, or are just watching their weight and want to stay healthy.

The address is and this site offers a whole lot more than just nutrition information.  This is one website that I would suggest that you check out.

The next site that I found has helped me at work, at home, and would be very useful if you are going to school.  I think that you will find the site very useful too.  It is a very simple site that lets you compare and convert.  If you want to know meters to feet – easy; Celsius to Fahrenheit – no problem; dollars to euros or yen, yup it can do that.  What I was blown away with is that it also has angle conversions, power conversions, pressure conversions (pascal, bar, millibar, torr, etc. – I don’t know what any of that means) and a lot more really useful information.  I use this site all the time

There are no advertisements on this site, but at the very bottom you will find this link, .  If you visit this site you will find a hodge-podge of information, data and other random information that is helpful, and sometimes just a curiosity or fun.  You will find things like the latest patents that have been filed, city data, ologies and isms, and fly fishing.  Go figure.

All three of these sites have helped me out and I think that these are good resources to help us to become better prepared.  Just think, if you go to the volume conversion section, you can figure out if you have stored enough water!  Win-win.

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