Ready or Not #243: Best to be Prepared

Last week someone sent me an e-mail that graphically showed all of the registered earthquakes in the world.  It showed them chronologically with little round red bleeps on the screen of the location of the earthquake, with corresponding ‘pings’ that you could hear.  At times it sounded like a drum line at a local college, especially when the Santiago, Chile and the Japan earthquakes shook the earth.  Wow.

I also watched a portion of one of the ‘Doomsday Prepper’s’ program on the National Geographic channel.  There are some pretty serious preparedness people out there.  I consider myself pretty serious about emergency preparation and food storage.


I need to be prepared, and I am always working at becoming better prepared and building my supplies and knowledge, but I don’t want to live in fear.  There seems to be a lot of fear perpetuated out there in the world.

I want to stress to you how important it is to be prepared in all aspects of your life (spiritual, educational, family, work, food, water, emergency preparedness and such), but I don’t think that it is important to be afraid.  I think that biggest balancing act is preparing for the worst, but living in a way that you aren’t constantly on the edge just waiting for that ‘something terrible’ to happen.  That can be quite overwhelming.  And exhausting.

The other day I was sitting in a focus group listening to bright intelligent people talk about where they wanted their community to be in 10 years.  They were talking about what they wanted to see happen, how they wanted their area to grow and different ideas on how to make that happen.  As I listened to them I was a little overwhelmed because they all had this big vision of the world around them.

I suddenly felt very un-imaginative.  I felt that I had made my world very small.  This can happen if all we think about is one or two things and let them over-take our every waking moment.

My world is all about keeping my family alive (literally), paying bills and having enough food to feed my family.  Now you know why I am into food storage.  I need to plan ahead on a daily basis for times that are not as plenty.  And sometimes that would be until the next paycheck.  And sometimes that is overwhelming.

I hope that when you approach your food storage and preparedness plans for ever-present disasters, that you will do it with balance.  Do not let it overwhelm you and take away your joy in the present.  If you are always thinking about disastrous outcomes of possible problems, then it can be somewhat deadening to your soul.  Things will happen, but if you prepare ahead of time you won’t have to worry about them until they do happen.

Should you avoid preparing you and your family? NO!  Of course not.  The only responsible thing to do is to build your food storage, get your debts paid, make sure that your 72-hour kits are in order and that you have extra medical supplies and other necessities for when bad things happen.  If you do this with balance and planning, then it will help you to be calm and not fearful.

Have it become part of your life, but not your WHOLE life.

And make sure that you have plenty of water stored.

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