Ready or Not #241: An Extra Emergency Car Kit

My son has a ‘BOB’ as he affectionately calls it.  It’s his Bug-Out-Bag – a B.O.B.  It’s an emergency kit that he keeps it in his truck so he can be prepared for an emergency – anytime, anywhere, all the time.  His mother has taught him well (that’s me).

About the only time that he doesn’t have access to it is when he goes to work.  The only reason that he doesn’t have it then is because we commute together.  I have a four cylinder car and he has an eight cylinder, gas guzzling, behemoth of a truck – we take my car and the B.O.B. stays home.

I have my own version of a b.o.b. bag in my car (did you notice the lower case?)  My emergency bag is a good one, but his bag is an emergency bag on steroids.  But it is in his vehicle, not mine.  Today he needed his bag.  My son works for the Water Department of a local municipality and as he was working on cutting some water lines, he got soaked – through and through.

It is still the middle of winter and it is cold, especially when you have wet clothes on.

Usually he keeps a change of clothes at work, but he had used them and had forgotten to replace them.  I do have a change of clothes in my b.o.b, but he wasn’t impressed.  The pants are old fuzzy, black, work-out pants that are a little short on me (and are probably too tight also) and being that he is a good eight inches taller than me, it just wasn’t going to work.  (However, if they had fit him, there was also a cute matching warm jacket that went with the pants.)

He got things sorted out and everything was okay, but it got me thinking…

I’m sure that everyone who drives a car has an emergency kit, or b.o.b. bag, in their trunk – if for the only reason because I have repeatedly told you how important they are.  But what about the people who commute to work or school every day with others and don’t have their emergency supplies with them?  They, like my son, might have a really nice backpack in their vehicle, but it is sitting in their garage at home.

Emergency car kits aren’t only for when you have emergencies on the road.  I think I wrote about the experience that I had when I got really wet while at work (and I don’t even work for the Water Department!)  Our division was setting up for a public get-to-know-your-city fair when a freak storm came through right after we finished setting up our displays.

As I tried to save some of the things that we had set out, the storm slammed through the area and there was so much rain that I couldn’t have been wetter if I had gone swimming!  It was horrible!  And it only got worse.

Even though the weather was warm and the rain wasn’t cold at all, I started to experience hypothermia as I started to dry off.  As my clothes started to dry and the water evaporated, it wicked away my body heat and by the time I got home I was chilled right to the bone!

After that experience is when I put a change of clothes in my car emergency kit.

If you commute to work or school with someone, you might want to consider making up another smaller, more compact, emergency kit that you can leave in the trunk of their car or at your work.  It doesn’t have to be as extensive as the one that you have made for your own car, but a change of clothes, a bottle of water and maybe a granola bar might be just what you need.

And it might keep you from having to wear your mother’s old fleece jogging set in an emergency.

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