Food Storage Calculators

Here is a link to A General Food Calculator that will help you determine the minimum quantities of basic food stores that you will need for your family, in an emergency, for a year.  I do not divide the food storage pound/amounts into age groups; anybody over the age of two, I count as an adult for two reasons: 1) They grow so darn fast; why worry about adjusting your food storage quantities and 2) Does it really hurt to have a little more on hand?  Whatever your toddler doesn’t eat, your hungry teenager will.

If you want a more comprehensive, personally tailored food storage that is specifically designed for the way your family regularly eats, then go to Food Storage Worksheets and really get prepared.

We have created the following Excel worksheets to help you get started building your food storage.  They are for your personal use.  You may download them to your personal computer, use them, fill them out, and print them off.

However, they are copyrighted and we ask that you do not upload them to your own personal website or blog.  You may not distribute the file in any form.  We would be delighted, though, for you to link to this page so that others may access the worksheets for their personal use, too.

Here are instructions to help you understand and use the food storage worksheets.  It is a Word document and has links to the companion articles that are posted on the site.  (Some links might not be available yet because the article hasn’t been posted online.

Step 1:   2-4-6 Week Menu Planner

Step 2:  Recipe Card

Step 3: Food Storage Worksheet

Step 4:  Combined Ingredient Calculator

Step 5:  Total Ingredient Amount Calculator

Step 6:  Food Storage Balance Worksheet

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