Measuring Solid Fats

How to measure shortenings, butter and other solid fats:

All solid shortenings and butter, or butter substitutes may be measured by displacement.  For example, if ½ cup of shortening is required for the recipe, fill the measuring cup with 2 ½ cups of cold water and then add solid shortening to fill to the 3 cup measure.  Drain off the liquid and the correct amount remains.  You can then easily lift the shortening/butter from the measuring vessel without scraping or waste.

Information taken from the 1938 The Household Searchlight Recipe Book

How to measure honey and molasses:

The easiest way to measure honey, molasses or other sticky items is to first spray the measuring cup with a light coating of oil or spray oil.  The honey/ molasses will simply slide out without any clean-up or scraping involved.

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