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Common Measuring Equivalents

Emergency Cooking Substititions

General Conversion Table

Measurement Legend

Some of the information we need to share does not fit nicely into the little space between the side bars here on the webpage. So, here are links to PDF documents instead.

Before and After Measurements

Food Quantities for Large Groups

Ever heard of 5 Minute Bread?  Watch this video to learn more.

Food Storage Scare:  What’s lurking in that can is an article published by the Provo Daily Herald that discusses problems with improper canning.

The Well-Stocked Pantry — check out this list of things that a well-stocked pantry should include.

Old Fashioned Cooking Temperature Tips

Explanation of Cooking Terms

Measuring Solid Fats

Methods of Cooking

Miscellaneous Cooking and Baking Helps

Sizes of Cans and Their Cup Measurements