Dawn Van Nosdol (the energizer bunny can learn from her . . . ever ready, ever energetic, bursting with ideas).

Dawn has been writing a food storage and emergency preparedness article called Ready Or Not for a local newspaper for several years. Before writing her article, she started a local club called the $10.00 Will Do It club; she helped others to effectively build their food storage for just $10.00 at a time (weekly, biweekly or monthly). She has a driven need to help others gain knowledge and to give them power to weather any emergency – personal or community wide.

Dawn is actively involved in her community serving as a past member of the Salem City Emergency Team and as a Ward and Stake Emergency Preparedness leader for her church. She is actively involved as a CERT leader, works with the Emergency Preparedness 3-Step program and is a HAM radio operator. She stays very active in her community, and surrounding areas, by giving emergency preparedness presentations for churches and civic groups. She also started adult monthly preparedness classes in Salem that were offered free of charge, or at a nominal fee to cover expenses, by local authorities and visiting experts. Even though she was too busy to continue proctoring the classes, she passed on the gauntlet and these very popular classes are still being offered in Salem. Dawn is responsible for emergency community volunteer coordination and maintaining emergency volunteer records for her employer, a local municipality, and has worked closely with government and non-profit emergency preparedness agencies during past community disasters.

Her big “thing” is to get people to store water for emergencies and you will notice that she stresses that a lot in her articles. Remember: two gallons, per person, per day, for a two-week period – you do the math! Most of the things that Dawn writes about are how to store food, how to rotate and use the food that you store, and how to be prepared for any emergency. She has found what works and what doesn’t work from observation, the constant search for more knowledge and from personal experience – which has sometimes included a steep learning curve.

She hopes you enjoy her articles, our web site, and that through our information, you will be inspired to get you and your family prepared for whatever may come your way. “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.”

Connie McVey (mother extraordinaire, Betty Crocker, Martha Stewart, Steve Covey all wrapped into one).

Nina Lewis (technology goddess. Need we say more?)

You’ve seen headlines that states “Elderly Woman Goes Back to College.” That’s Nina.

Nina worked as a computer lab supervisor for a local high school for eight years when she decided to go back to college and get a Master’s in Instructional and Performance Technology. She commiserated and stressed out with her college-aged children over writing term papers, enduring a plethora of reading assignments, and taking finals.

Nina loves all things technology. (Except programming! There’s more to life than trying to find missing semi-colons or carets in code . . .) She writes a plethora of blogs, is a logophile (word lover), a rapacious reader, a struggling gardener, a happy grandmother.

The purpose of this website is to teach and share:

Different techniques of food storage
Food storage acquisition without going into debt
Rotation and usage of food storage
Basic family frugality
Preparedness for a personal emergency in the home or a community

This site will also give you an opportunity to share your everyday survival tips for enjoying life to the fullest while having a confident feeling that you can take care of your family – in any situation.

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