Monthly Archives: May 2012

Ready or Not #255: Being Forewarned

In Ready or Not #255: Being Forewarned, I share a personal situation that parents were in while my father served in the military in Germany. Those were desperate times.

If you were in a situation where you were forced to flee your home at a moment’s notice, would you be ready? What would you take? Take time NOW to pack your 72 hour kit so that you will be ready to immediately leave your home. Remember, “if ye are prepared, ye shall not fear.”

Ready or Not #253: Stop Ignoring It

Have you ever heard something so often that you just start ignoring it?  You know you should do it and it is good advice, but…

Admit it; you just don’t want to put forth the effort that it would take to do it. “It” either makes you frustrated, uncomfortable or you just don’t want to think about the consequences. After all you don’t usually procrastinate the things you like doing.  Sometimes it is easier not to think about it.  Of course “it” wouldn’t take hardly any effort at all, but still…

Ready or Not #253: Stop Ignoring It encourages you to stop ignoring things and do something (even if it is small) to get prepared — and to do it now.