Monthly Archives: April 2011

Ready or Not #210: Eat Your Food and Stop Throwing it Away

Too much food is being thrown away unnecessarily – and I’m not talking about the school cafeteria.  Folks throw away canned items because the “use-by” date has expired.  So, what’s a person supposed to do?

Ready or Not #210: Eat Your Food and Stop Throwing It Away explains expiration dates on canned food and whether or not it is safe to eat the food after that date.  Read that article so you will know and understand the shelf life of canned products.

Ready or Not #104: Panic Buying

Sometimes when you watch the news, newscasters are repeating over and over how high the gas and food prices are climbing and how the economy is “failing.” Reports like these cause people to run to the grocery store in a panic buying spree.  This is the worst way to buy items for your food storage!

Our Ready or Not #104: Panic Buying discusses this type of situation and provides guidelines to making well-thought out purchases