Monthly Archives: February 2011

Ready or Not #202: Staying Warm

Today is almost a heat wave – it is a whopping 40+ degrees!  Okay, not suntanning weather, but certainly a lot warmer than two weeks ago.  Two weeks ago as I was driving to work it was two degrees.  Not Celsius, but Fahrenheit!  Are you staying warm during cold weather?  I hope you not like the jogger that I saw . . .

Ready or Not #202: Staying Warm discusses . . . well . . . staying warm!  Read it — and stay warm for the remainder of the winter season.

Ready or Not #203: Gardening Readiness

I was driving by our local gardening nursery the other day when I noticed that they were open for business already.  It is still mostly below freezing during the warmest part of the day right now, but when you have a green thumb, that is just the way it goes – you tend to get a little antsy.

Have you started planning your garden?  Do you know about the “three sisters” style of gardening?  Our Ready or Not #203: Gardening Readiness gives a motivational push to start planning your garden now and explains the sister style of gardening.