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Ready or Not #199: Cutting Up A Chicken

Preparing our food has been made so easy for us today.  We can pop on down to the store where everything is pre-packaged, pre-cut and pre-prepared for us.  Our grocery stores have made everything so convenient and easy for us, but at what cost?

Our Ready or Not #199: Cutting Up A Chicken discusses this issue and explains how you can make five meals for a family of four (with young children).  Links to recipes are included.

Skinning and Cutting Up a Chicken

Many people purchase chicken pieces already cut up even though it is more expensive than purchasing a whole chicken. They probably don’t get a whole chicken because they don’t know how to skin and cut it up.

I have created several videos that will take you step-by-step through skinning and cutting up a chicken.  Here is the first video that demonstrates the method of cutting up a chicken using a knife.

Ready or Not #80:Mortgages and Leasing

The following comments are not the opinions of any newspaper or magazine writer.  They also may not be the opinion of your creative financial adviser or your hairdresser. They are my opinions:  Get your debts paid off!

Ready or Not #80: Mortgages and Leasing discusses the disadvantages of some of the common practices of today — which we hope that you are not following! If you are, then all the more reason to read our article!